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Well done. A very polished game. No bugs that I noticed. Also love the puzzles. They feel like that classic cutting up a chocolate bar problem.

Wow this game is so well done. What a great puzzle platformer. It fits the theme quite well.

Ouch my brain, but very good!

Awesome game! I really like the click to nudge mechanic.

Thanks so much for your praise. Sorry to hear about your bug. It's always so hard to catch every little thing. We need to see about sourcing some playtesters next year haha.

Hmm that’s too bad. Was it pushed out of your grab range too? Like you couldn’t grab it and drag it down? Btw we included a restart level button so if some silly problem like that happens you can try again (hold R).

yeah we really struggled with how to effectively communicate the position of objects between dimensions. One thought I had is making sure every object had a parallel equivalent, but this does reduce the number of interesting puzzles we can have. It’s certainly an interesting problem. You would not believe how mentally confusing it is to design these levels haha.

Glad you like the effects! They were really fun to program.

Thanks for the feedback. Out of curiosity, were you playing on Linux? I noticed that some of our shader effects were not present on the Linux build, including a glitchy effect for dimension switching and death.

Really fun game! I felt like I was a space amoeba swallowing up smaller organisms, but in a techy sci fi way. The only questions I had was how do you die? I left my ship alone for a couple minutes, and I kept getting shot at, but never died.

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Love the art. I did get frustrated when losing a level sent me all the way back to the beginning. Also I may have been using the controls wrong, but hitting a button with a shot seemed pretty difficult. I love the concept and execution of someone who can't stop moving.

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I just ran this scenario and my players and I loved it! Very tense! Thank you so much for making this free!


This includes a marked map, a creepy Wendigo drawing for the players to find, sound fx, a gm sheet, some extra questions I added to a few questionnaires, and more!

I spent a longer time than usual prepping this scenario, and a lot of the extra effort I put in seemed to pay off, so I've compiled the work I did into this document for anyone else who wants to run this scenario!

Thanks again Lost Dutchman!

EDIT: There was an issue with the link. It should be fixed now

Movement feels really good! The level design is also so varied for 48 hours. Lots of different gameplay.

Really pretty game regardless! Good job learning new tool and excelling at it in 48 hours!

Really cool way of making all the controls one button. This would be a fun mobile game. Allows you to do a bunch of really varied gameplay with very minimal controls. Great design!

That's the tough part of jamming on your own. Fortunately the rest of your game is pretty much bug free so trying to make more assets didn't seem to detract!

Really polished looking game. Good fun, nice art, and pretty much bug free!

Good job building out a 3D game for the jam! That is quite impressive.

Some bugs, but really cool mechanic. Fun to fling yourself from platform to platform.

This concept seemed very hard to bring to fruition in 48 hours. Good job building it out though. It seems like if you had another day you could have built a good series of demo levels.

Your game is mechanically perfect! Great concept and design. Polish is nowhere near a priority compared to those in this competition.

Platforming that feels great with a really unique core mechanic. Taking over different move styles and platforming elements one at a time is a really fun type of puzzle.

All 5s! This game was really creative. I've never seen a platformer that played with lighting so much. being the on button in the world adds so many mechanics in a little game. The only thing I had trouble with was moving platforms.

Really cool twist. Felt really good to play because of effects and physics.

Wow man, lots of promise with this one. Reminded me a bit of Boom Blocks for the wii haha. Super solid game, you should be proud of it

Really fun dude. Great job

great job man, really showed off the concept well

Superb. All 5s man. Rock solid design

Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback! <3. We are all really thrilled with how the game came out, and a later finished version could certainly be a possibility!

Dude, wow. Really good stuff. I love the concept, and it's just really fun to play. bang up job. I did get deadlocked on level 4 i think when i ended up with only two snakes who could only move onto opposite colored squares. Other than that, sup smooth experience.

Hey man, try out me and my friends' coop puzzle platformer here:

We worked really hard on making the mechanics and level design interesting and puzzle-y. It sounds like just what you're looking for.

Those kind of mistakes are the worst :( At least you were still able to upload a functional game!

We have co-op puzzle platformer where only one player can play at a time (you can play by yourself too if you'd like to).

Wow, I don't know what I expected, but you delivered. Well done. Very feature - rich

Well for 20  hours that's pretty technically sound! Everything seemed to work like it was supposed to.

Neat! Enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would honestly. Really good execution, strong art. Had a really good time with it!

Haha our artist had the exact same problem early on in the jam. Fortunately we noticed early on, but the first time we did a room none of the platforms looked like the same style as the background.

Very appropriate difficulty ramp. A lot of fun and quite challenging in a good way.\

Strong, simple, effective. Good Work sir