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Looks good

Cool game, frog could use some animations. :)

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Simple, but fun. Good sound effects

Awesome, I'd be happy to work with you! :) 

This can be used for anyone looking for a team. Starting with me. :) I'm looking for some talented peoe to team up with for this Jam. I'm a Unity developer, with some games under my belt. Looking for anyone who wants to team up to make something spooky. 🧛‍♀️

The game has a nice look. The music is a bit too lively though. I think a more relaxed farm theme would suit the game better. Nice work :)

Nice Shrek voice 

Nice game. I like the simple pixel style. I'm going for a similar look in my game. The dash mechanic is also a lot of fun. :)

First person to post on one of my devlogs. :D Thanks for the feedback (again). I know a few bugs (as well as the one you mentioned) introduced by the new level selection areas that will need to be fixed in the next update. I'm glad you enjoy playing. :)

Congrats!! :D If you do try to speedrun it, please share the video here. Would love to see. :)

Haha, link please? I don't know this one

You can't scare me, I know most of you are not ghosts!

Thanks for playing. Those are good suggestions.
Volume configuration / keyboard control are both things that will likely be added in future. 
The mouse for menus is of less importance to me personally (controller support) so probably won't prioritize this.
Thanks for the feedback.

That's too bad, are you playing in the browser or downloaded version? I hope you will try it again in the future. The next update will feature the ability to disable lighting effects for better performance.

Hi Coolmath Games, thank you for the offer. However, I would prefer not to do this at this time.

Thanks for the in-depth review. You made some very good points in your video that I believe will help the game become better. I'm glad you had some fun with it. :) 

Thanks a lot for playing! :)

Thanks for the feedback, the game is still in dev so I'm open to making a few changes to player movement if I think they'll improve the experience. This is my first pixel art game so still getting used to this style. I've put off using the 'pixel perfect' camera but might make the switch. As for shooting the grappling hook different directions, not sure how to do this in a way that wouldn't overcomplicate the controls. Don't want user to need the mouse to play. 

Thanks again for the feedback. 🙂

Thanks for playing, yeah the grappling takes some getting used to, but it's more rewarding once you get the HANG of it. :) 

Level selection screen is temporary, but good point. :) 

Hahaha, that was awesome! 😂 I really liked the way this was edited, very funny. "I'm not learn boy, I'm swing boy!" Thanks for playing. 😁

Laws were made to be broken. 😊

Good ear! :) It's actually a remixed version by recme on Newgrounds. But the music is placeholder while the game is in development. :)

Thanks, yeah I need to work on ramping up the difficulty more gradually. Glad you had fun! :)

Thank you! I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I really enjoyed watching you die! :D I think a death counter is needed. :)

Cool video, thanks for playing! :)

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That was fast, congratulations! :D If you let me know your Steam name I can gift you your PRIZE! You can post it here or DM me on twitter @yellowbytegames. Thanks for playing. :) 

Wow, this is really good!

Very cool vid! Thanks guys. Will check out "The Sock Epic" too! :)

Nice job!

You need to use the elevator

Thanks for playing. To win, you need to push the cart to the end of the level. I'll update the game description. 

Yes, I'll join your team. :)

I have a strong knowledge of the Unity editor (over 6 years) and can write fluently in C#. I also know Java, Javascript and have published games made in LIBGDX and Phaser 3. You can see some of my games on my profile, all of which I built and designed myself with my own artwork. :) 

Hey there,

I'm a Unity developer looking for a team to join. If anybody needs another developer please hit me up! :)

Hi 703337,

The ratings went very well. We had more entries than expected this year so playing through each game is taking a bit more time than originally planned. Winners will be announced on the jam page shortly. :) 

How do we check if our game meets the requirements? I  other words, how do we check this if we do not own a low-end PC?

This has been made clear and we will be providing an alternate title as a prize.

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Sorry to hear that. Please try this link ->