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They're versions, not game names so you can't just add something to an already released update. Also, just get money

Does anyone know when people are usually online? Whenever I join nobody seems to be on

You can left click with the binocs and it will 'spot' the thing you clicked and send someone over, I think..

I joined your server, bought a free ship but nobody seemed to move! They all had seemingly player names and it was as if they were all AFK. I chatted too. You know the cause of this problem?

I have a suggestion that probably won't take too long:


A bulletproof vest would take up 1 utility slot thingy and adds 25 more health to the user

A helmet takes 1 utility slot and reduces headshot multiplier

Tank armor could take up 2 slots and adds 50 more health, but it slows you down by a bit

Really cool! How did you get the camera to fly around like that?

Please have two 'd's in your 'add's. That way you can be understood by more people.

Also, please be patient. I'm sure Steelraven7 is working hard right now on many of our ideas!

Just a few suggestions for the game: First of all I think you should add some sort of different vehicle-damage mechanic where if you hit a specific part of a vehicle (helicopter rotor with a gun, car tire with a pistol, vehicle weapons with a sniper etc. etc.) that part will fail. You could have a few options in the game menu that say 'Smart Bots' and 'Stupid Bots' that make the AI focus on vital parts like the fuel tank, engine, or things like headlights, bumpers, etc. Also add a new 2-slot item to work with this mechanic called the 'RAV-Brand Toolkit' that if you use it on a vehicle (2 or 3 time use) it will sabotage the vehicle by:

1. removing 5% integrity

2. reducing brake strength

3. reducing max speed and acceleration

4. having a small chance of weapon(s) firing randomly

Any bots looking in the general direction (whether friend or foe) while you are sabotaging, will either open fire or know the vehicle is sabotaged, and will not use it. Any bot that ISN'T in the general area will have no idea you did anything, and may use it, and accidentally crash it due to the unknown difference in controls. If the player/bot is killed while sabotaging, the sabotage will be incomplete and only be damaged by a fraction of the normal effect. Have the wrench be able to repair this kind of thing.