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No problem, I had found a copy of the Wasteland Kings source files for GameMaker Studio online - I cannot remember the link itself but it should be easy to find through google. Regrettably GameMaker Studio is no longer available, only its sequel, so I can't help you with porting GMS to GMSTwo. Feel free to look at the Nuclear Throne discord for modding help (but they almost entirely deal with NTT modding, Wasteland Kings mods are quite antiquated).

Been a while since any comments made here lol. Sadly there have been no updates for a while as I've lost interest in the project.

I do have a LudumDare submission Drill Destruction, but I doubt you'll be able to produce a full video on that as it is rather small (but difficult!).

I would love it if you added a download as it is currently unplayable. My computer is able to run Doom 2016 at max setting perfectly fine, but in the browser I am getting a good 5 or so seconds of lag. I enjoy the artstyle and the game sounds very fun; but I cannot play it.

Thanks a ton! I'll probably begin reworking Drill Destruction once I finish learning unity (which Is what I'm currently doing). It's nice to be getting good feedback!

Nice! I might end up refining this game in the near future.

I could likley do 2-6 without too much effort, although I don't know how I'd do number one for now (though I'm sure it wouldn't take too long to learn either).

Isn't this the thing that bricked some guys phone?

Heya - just wondering how you activate the 3d function!

1) how do you see my game files, it's just an .exe

2)press h on menu

Yea we did fix that in u6.1, so it's okay now

While the current areas use the OG wasteland kings music for those three areas I have my own guy working on some wonderful tunes for the next updates area.

While slightly modified I did in fact use the sprite as a base for the enemy.


I was wondering what happened to this? Just wondering

Maybe you could upload them to imgur and send me the links? or you could send them to me at

I'd totally like to see them! Sounds like a cool idea!

nah not really, I'm open to ideas though! :)

No, not yet but much like Nuclear Throne (where the Nuclear Throne only existed after update #31) it is to be added eventually.

Yea, GM is still new to me, I hope to bring it to Mac as well in the future.