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Bob the Seagull King

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Thanks a ton! I'll probably begin reworking Drill Destruction once I finish learning unity (which Is what I'm currently doing). It's nice to be getting good feedback!

Nice! I might end up refining this game in the near future.

I could likley do 2-6 without too much effort, although I don't know how I'd do number one for now (though I'm sure it wouldn't take too long to learn either).

Isn't this the thing that bricked some guys phone?

Heya - just wondering how you activate the 3d function!

1) how do you see my game files, it's just an .exe

2)press h on menu

Yea we did fix that in u6.1, so it's okay now

While the current areas use the OG wasteland kings music for those three areas I have my own guy working on some wonderful tunes for the next updates area.

While slightly modified I did in fact use the sprite as a base for the enemy.


I was wondering what happened to this? Just wondering

Maybe you could upload them to imgur and send me the links? or you could send them to me at bob.kingofseagulls@Gmail.com

I'd totally like to see them! Sounds like a cool idea!

nah not really, I'm open to ideas though! :)

No, not yet but much like Nuclear Throne (where the Nuclear Throne only existed after update #31) it is to be added eventually.

Yea, GM is still new to me, I hope to bring it to Mac as well in the future.