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Yeah I'm planning to make it a more guaranteed drop after a certain amount of time as opposed to completely RNG. Sorry you got unlucky with it, it's happened to me a lot in testing so I'm well aware it's an issue

Yes I'm working on a big overhaul of the timing code right now to allow for better performance optimisation. I will add a pause button in for sure.

Yeah I was wondering if this was the issue people were having, it's challenging to make things intuitive on a game jam deadline but I already have a lot of ideas to tackle this in future versions. The plan is to make upgrades spawn on a more set timeline and show the player how close they are to unlocking something. Thank you for playing I hope you enjoyed it regardless of that unintuitive element!

Thank you! This is super helpful I'll have to check if it's a Mac thing.

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Hi, following a report of something similar in the comment above yours I'm thinking this may be related to the browser or operating system you're  using. Could you tell me what browser you use and what operating system?

Hi I just double checked and I'm not able to reproduce this issue on my system with windows 10 and chrome, what operating system and browser are you using?

Okay I need to look into this might be an issue with a new build I made although I'm almost certain I tested this build to the point where I could place buildings.

Hmm I'm really curious about this issue. I assume you're selecting the sprinkler in the Build menu, have enough money to afford the one you're trying to build, and then left clicking on a tile? If so please give any additional information you can so I can try to fix it and ensure others don't have the same problem in future.

yeah sorry about that, I haven't gotten saves added yet because it's a game jam entry, will be working on that next week most likely. 

Have you considered just letting this game take over your life and accepting your terrible fate?

Don't worry it's just adding to the lofi beat vibe :P

More seriously I believe that should be less of an issue in the windows build I just put up.

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful review, I'm glad to hear you had a nice long playthrough. I'm definitely going to try and make some updates.

Yes this is a linear narrative told through non-linear exploration.

Haha I'm not entirely sure I remember adding a way your compass gets messed with. Glad you enjoyed and glad I was able to terrify you!

What a wonderful little game. Love the graphics, love how chill it is!

Yeah if I'd had time I would have let the player dramatically throw him off the top of the castle at the end.

Well done on finding this, can't really help you but the plans we had around this are dead so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

That's okay you're not required to get it. <3

Wow thank you so much for this. The article really made my day, thank you so much for taking the time to dig into the game and I'm glad it appealed to you so well. I really liked how you mentioned about the walking backwards thing, I still don't know how else I would discourage it but my general rule nowadays is that if someone doesn't want to engage with a game on its own terms it's their fault if they don't have a good time ':D 

Anyway  thank you so much for this, it's always nice to be reminded of the high points of some of my older projects.

No the demo discs are a separate thing from the jams the discs are a once a year thing where we promote projects that are planned for a full release or have recently had a full release. Of course a game from one of the jams we host can continue development and have a demo submitted to the disc but this isn't what happens in most cases.

Okay well from the looks of it you just tried to post it again and again. If you needed help you should have stopped and said it wasn't  working. You also responded very disrespectfully to someone who  told you not to post a gif like that without it being marked as a spoiler.  I understand this may be frustrating, but the posts here and the way you have interacted with people in the server does not make us likely to unban you any time soon.

I'm never happy when we have to ban people but we expect a degree of cooperation and respect from our members and do not feel like you lived up to that during your time on the server. I hope that makes sense to you.

Hello, I have discussed this with the Moderator who Banned you. You repeatedly posted a flashing image in our server, something that can be really physically harmful for people with Photosensitive Epilepsy. You were warned about posting such images without a spoiler tag and you did not listen. So the situation is that we warned you about posting the image how you did and you did not listen these are perfectly reasonable grounds for a ban. I don't know what you think you're threatening us with but I can easily also ban you from here too if you persist. 

I will also say that from looking at your messages you were not acting very mature or respectful towards the other members of our discord, we actually also have a rule about this. That makes at least 2 breaches of our rules which you agreed to when you joined the server. So no we will not be unbanning you from our server for the sake of our other members. 

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I didn't mean to criticise you it's just, ideally I should be able to tell by the cover or (as I mentioned) screenshots that a game fits the jam. There's a lot that goes into running a jam and there's a bit of an issue I've had in the las t 8-10 jams I've run where people will submit unrelated games. Images of the game can really help avoid this happening and make the jam host's job much much easier. Congratulations on entering, I look forward to trying the game when I have time after the jam. (well hopefully I'll have time ':D )

Would really appreciate some screenshots on the page, and I'm sure it would help others find and get interested in the game if you added them.

Sorry if I came off a bit harsh, just fed up with people in other cases submitting games that weren't even uploaded to itch during the game jam. My mistake, hope you'll accept my apology.

Can I ask if you made this game with the HPS1 Summer of Shivers Jam in mind? I haven't had a chance  to try the game but I get the feeling the game was added to our jam on a whim. Regardless I would suggest providing proper screenshots on your game page so people can have an idea what they're going to play if they decide to download the game. 

If the game was not intended as an entry to our jam please remove it.

Unfortunately I don't have any Mac systems to test on and have had bad experience in the past with UI and textures being blurry or hard to read on untested builds. Maybe if I ever get a Mac I can revisit and make a proper build.

of course! I hope you enjoy!

Hello, I am removing your game from the Haunted PS1 summer of shivers jam as I believe it violates the rule "The primary portion of your game should be made during this event." 

If you would like to appeal this decision please respond to this comment. DO NOT add this game to the jam again unless we have discussed it and I have given you permission. 

It's fine just don't overwork yourself. Maybe making one super polished game would be better though but do what's best for you!

Yes you can, I'll update the rules with this.

Hey yes, we'd love to see entries from beginners. Our discord is linked in the rules section if you're looking to team up that's probably the place to look!

Aww, thanks for reminding me of this game, it's one of my favourite early projects in retrospect! Glad you enjoyed!

What a weirdoful little experience! Great work!

Perhaps you should try to refuse your faith.

If you have it on your laptop maybe you could transfer it with a usb stick or external hard drive if you have access.

I'm sorry but you  clearly haven't read the Read Before Posting topic. this post will be archived and you can repost the issue in the Issues and Questions topic if you like. Though chances are this is just a timeout issue with your internet connection and itches servers.

I'm sorry but you  clearly haven't read the Read Before Posting topic. this post will be archived and you can repost the video in the Videos topic if you like.

Some of the demoes are available separately. We can look into maintaining a list of the separate downloads but right now we aren't providing this.