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Lol nah I had no Idea the book even existed when I made it. I've heard of the book now and am meaning to get around to reading it.

Go ahead! 

Glad you liked it, well done on the 100%, it should only be deleting keys that weren't in your inventory when you reached the checkpoint you reset to but if it works differently let me know and I can fix it.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it the lack of audio is because I started working like 14 hours before the deadline XD

A fun little idea however I feel like the rules for what kills you were just a little too unfair, there was a point where I would hit my head off the top of the screen if I jumped but I'd fall into a pit of spikes if I didn't which I never got past. I also think the SFX are too high pitched and very grating, 

Apropriately frustrating. I thoroughly enjoyed the lofi hip hop beats to pck up 32 cards to!

Neat to see the pack used in 3d and with the dither filter it works really well! Great atmnosphere but I definitely feel like tere's a lot of missed potential, though I guess it's down to the ime constraints.

Aww this was really cute, made me think of a bitsy game. The pitch raising as you collected the cheese was a nice touch but I might put a limit on it, it got unpleasently high pitched over the course of my playthrough. I can see this being expanded nicely into a little roguelike or something where the characters you meet have some sort of interaction like you fightr some or talk to some in more depth or trade with some.

Really fun and impressive scale for a jam entry. In the gameplay I didn't feel like I was being forced to strategize enough until the final level where no matter what I couldn't win. I feel like giving the player a larger army size and having the enemies in earlier levels a bit tougher could fix this. One thought I had was if you gave an increased army size you could have it so more powerful units cost more to place, this would incentivise the use of cheaper weaker units in some circumstances and add more challenge and strategy to the formation creation. I also think it'd be really cool to preview the fenemy formation. Overall tholugh really impressive and having an overworld map was a very nice touch!

Not at all, we try to be as open a jam as possible and you can even monetise your game however you see fit.

You can 100% make a 2d game. 

Aww this has put a big smile on my face. Being trans myself I wanted to make a game inspired by my personal experiences, I'm glad you enjoyed the game <3

Thanks for the feedback. It's important to remember that not every game is for everyone. Personally I love slow paced open exploration walking sims like this that don't tell you exactly where to go but I totally see why a lot of people wouldn't.

In the end I'm making the games I want to see in the world and not everyone is going to like them. There's an attitude towards games I often see where people think a game is either objectively good or bad based on whether or not they like it, but in my opinion I don't think this could be further from the truth. Anyway I hope you got some enjoyment out of Bleakshore regardless.

Thanks for pointing out the issue with the comment box, just fixed it there.

They sure do! Have at it!

Oh? I'm one of the organisers so I would love to hear what issues you have with it. Not much help to just say something's bad without explaining yourself.

Just because I responded doesn't mean I was the one who disliked your comment.

I mean is there really an issue with this? Do you not want to have more free indie horror to play? I was one of the main organisers of this project, and we put a lot of time and effort into curating this collection. We talked about not allowing full releases but the thing is this is a project to raise awareness of developers in the Haunted PS1 community and some developers simply didn't have anything that would work as a demo but we wanted to support their work, they felt like these were good options to submit and our curation pannel felt like the games were deserving of being included.

I'd just play the game if I were you :)

Digging about in the files now are we? ;P


No I'm sorry but I talked it over with other members of the community and while I'm sure your entry has merit I can't allow a visual novel without any attempt to look retro to be an entry. In future HPS1 jams I will also be adding a rule about submitting to a maximum of 2 other jams.

I like the weird faceless god idea, I really do but we have to do some level of curation otherwise it would be unfair to all the people who put in so much time just for this jam in particular, I hope you can understand.

<3 thanks for getting this update out so quickly! Lots of great things chenged thank you :) 

Ooh wonderful to hear there's something coming from the world of Maguntsche for this jam. Been really good to see you grow as a gamedev in the last year since the original jam version of Maguntsche chapter 1! Here's to another year of impressive gamedev from you!

If I'm understanding correctly you're asking if we need the "One Room" theme when Halloween can also be viewed as a theme in itself?

To answer that, yes I guess Halloween can be viewed as a theme to base your game around. You could also make a game that's spooky which fit's nicely into this game jam but has nothing to do with halloween which is the route most people seem to take. Because of that I decided it would be nice to have the "One Room" theme to help inspire people.

Either way the "One Room" theme is optional meaning that is is not necessary for your game to have any ties to it and the game also doesn't need to be specifically about Halloween.

I hope I correctly understood what you asked and gave you an answer If not or if you have any other questions feel free to ask!


Wow I found the third secret!?

That's funny that you can't sleep, I couldn't sleep when I made this thing! 

Hey, just wondering where the Ludum Dare site page is for this game?

Congrats! ya got it! The pics are essentially the same but the in game one has a normal map. Super cool to see someone giving time to this tbh.

There may or may not be more to find however.

Totally agree this is a good idea, I'll add it to my todo for the update I'm working on. The way I handle the torch in this game is really hacky because I wanted to experiment with an idea I had for it hence this weird issue.  Thanks for pointing it out. Hope you enjoyed the game regardless.

Ahh thanks a million, Really glad to hear you played it! Really glad to hear it's in the Fresh Games section too. Keep up all the good work Leaf!

Get Perennial here!

Perennial is a horror game I made for the Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam which I organised. The Haunted PS1 is a discord server dedicated to low rez/pixelated horror games and you can join it here if you're interested.

Anyway onto the game. Perennial is a survival horror game about being chased by the shadow you see out the corner of your eye when you look behind you on a dark night. Essentially the way this works is that the monster turns into a tree, just like any other tree in the map, after you look at it. The more times you spot the monster the longer it takes to change into a tree and the higher it's chance of charging at you and catching you. 

Here's some screenshots of the game. 

A neat little concept with really good atmosphere and great work for a first game well done! Only problem is some spelling mistakes and a little bit of confusing writing.

Hey thanks for letting me know. I'll get a fix up asap.

You could have broken some boxes to free yourself, but I get your annoyance. Always a challenge  to make a jam entry at all user friendly.

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That's okay, it's important to acknowledge that different people are affected differently by different things. I hope you at least enjoyed the experience.

This was really amazing I love how it explores the concept of wish granting entities.