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Oh hey what did you need? haha

Hey this also happened to my but when i open my AppData folder (Users, User 1, AppData) there is no file called wdm2data.

Haha funny monster go BRRRR

Really fun working on this with you! :D

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Are we allowed to reuse graphics that we made previously?

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I am looking for a programmer in ANY engine :) So if anyone wants to team up in the last few hours just tell me :D Edit: I got one :)


What Do you mean with that?

I say...... thank you

Is it just me or is this looking kinda...


TerraCraft community · Created a new topic Costom Language

Hey i am making a costom Language (german) at the moment! Look at my Profile to see it!

You have to unzip the file :D

You have to unzip the file :D

You have to unzip the file :D

Hey! Why dont use a Virtual Maschine? Or doesnt that work?

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Really short but well designed game. In the end where you have to fight the boss, you dont really know what you have to do. And also i would like it, that you can keep playing after killing the tree boss with a hard mode or something like that. Also i really loved the minimap but it would be really cool, that you could press it and see it more detailed. And at the end of the Boss, where it only has one life left, you dont know that you actually can kill him now. Maybe some stars around him. And i would really like to improve the level system like chose to have more "eat-sword-slots" whatever or to deal more damage, have more lives or at every 5 levels you get a new special ability like throwing a boomerang, witch than needs more food. And i would love to see new bosses like a bush, a big bee, a flower, or even an evil slime. And for every boss you get a new ability/weapon. Also a dungeon mode with random dungeons would be pretty cool. And do you know minecraft dungeons? In this game you really see that you get a level up, because it is showed all over the screen. I also would really like a multiplayer or a versus battle. Some riddles would also be really nice. like pushing boxes on a switch to open a door but you have to watch out that the box dont breakes. And why are there only so few different enimies? Maybe some pigs or living bombs (you could use them for a riddle: lead the bomb to stones and let it explode). Oh and i just love the UI. Its not to full and it just fits so much in the game. And please let me shake the trees to gett the fruits. And you could also make that every enimie drops more or less xp. Oh and i discovered a bug: When you defeated the boss and end the game, then klick on continue, you start in front of the boss, in level one but you have the number of your "eat-sword-slots" like in your last level.  Oh and the game would (i think) work pretty good on a smartphone. And please dont make the download aa 7zip file, 'cause i had to install 7zip first... But all in one a great game, with a great idea and really cool graphics. Ok that was all i think, bye :)