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Haha no worries :))

Shards are gained with every achivement and also by clicking a lot :)

YOu just kind of get them over time haha

Thanks! Glad to have you there :)

Its linked in the game description but just in case,

Hey sorry for the late reply ;-;
Yeah i am working on a golf game, a bullet hell game and a remake of this game but shh 😉

Thanks :0
Would be epic if you would rate the project and try my other projects too! :D

Also concider joining my discord server maybe if you like it 👀

Oh and do you have any tips? Cheers

Got it ;-; Bro it was way easier then i expected xD i mean the dungeon entrance literally already has a place for the flower pot...

You can use them for lots of things actually
Its just a little something for easter eggs. If i remember correctly, there is a cheat called soap (like, click on cheats and just type soap in it) that gives you a new skin in the shop. Not sure anymore tho.

For a cheat list, just join the discord server i will give them to you :p

Heyo i cant pass the secret dungeon at the end of Chapter 3 for some reason. Can someone help me?

Thanks a lot! Good luck on yours too :)

I am an Admin in the biggest scratch server on discord, maybe you are there? (Scratch Community) 🤔

This was made entirely in Scratch actually haha :D
Didnt expect that, did you? :p

Was wondering lol

After almost a year, how can you cheat?

Thanks :D
If you have any ideas feel free to join our discord server :p

Yeah its cool

Yep! Working one one right now :D
You could look at my other projects to see what i have done too :D

Hey man! Sorry for the ultra late reply, use the Turbowarp Packager! Just insert your project and follow the instructions :)

Wait how xD I dont remember even coding in an infinity display for the clicks lmao.

I Made everything myself and my friend also Made some stuff

Well then good job man!

I think much more... Hours of using an autoclicker? 😅🧐

The real question is... How?

Thank you very much! Will probably fix this haha

It was a joke haha

Kind of

Cool! Scratch is really good :)

Thank you very much!

I actually do! I am currently working on a fighting game with sport elements, but thats only a test for now :) Follow me for updates!

Yes it is totally free! Without any in app purchases either!

Its a software to make games without coding :)
Check it out at

I completley forgot this existed, i might have to check this out and see what i did there back then lol


Thats so cool! When you may be makin a second part, maybe add multiplayer or smth that would be nice

It lags very heavily when starting the game but once the particles are gone, the lag will be gone too :)

Btw what do the fire and hammer thing in the shop do?

I will look into that!
will you continue it? Nice to see fangames of my game lol

Yea would be funny

What engine did you use?

Yes :)