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Hey, I'd be very interested a fix too, I was about to buy. Is this in dll format or full source? Maybe I could swim through and figure out a fix.

Thanks Lee 

Are we allowed to change the submission up to the deadline?


Superbly polished!

Really cool game. Some of the letters were hard to differentiate, and the fireball is EVIL :D

Nice work

I lasted about 70 seconds. It wasn't clear at first that you are limited to a few lanes in the middle... maybe a line or something to differentiate. Very cute graphics. Loved it.

The artwork doesn't do this awesome game game justice! Very crisp 3D graphics

Very cool concept. I'm not sure if you used a Time.deltaTime type variable to control the speed of the things falling (it seems REALLY fast), but maybe allow another difficulty level.

Fun game. Really beautiful artwork, though I wish I could see more on the road / scenery.

"This game is difficult, and poorly made, do not download it."

I decided to not listen to this advice, and found it quite fun :D :D

Very smooth, beautiful GUI, great music. You should expand on this concept. The free look didn't work. (Also wasn't able to make any deliveries)

Really well done, this was a fun game, with lots of polish. You kept things simple, beautiful, and complete.

Nicely done! Love the smooth plane movement, I didn't have time to fix that in mine

Hilarious :D

Hilarious hilarious concept :) Does it have a full game loop? I couldn't figure out how to win the level / find coffee.

Well done, it is a finished game, and while it is difficult to get into, it is kinda fun :) Has a very old school vibe about it

Controls: Press 1 for robot, 2 for car, 3 for plane, and 4 for train

Ah, that's cool, wasn't totally clear at first. Thanks :)

I'm curious what use cases this would be used for in game development?

Thank you

Nice effort. Definitely took a while to figure it out, but is kinda fun :)

Great! thanks

Can we do 3D scans of clay work?