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ight thx

Oh cool

Community Game Jam community · Created a new topic Prizes?

Will there be any form of Prizes? Also how will we be judged?

Thanks man!

This was made during my weeb phase. Not a lot of anime references in there though. The turtle bois that attack you are kappas. And no the smoke when you press W is not bcuz its a jetpack I just fucked up making it.

Death effect looks like minecraft particle

Cool update! You should add more stuff like the ice lasers it adds more depth to the game!


Its a pretty solid game. It has some decent visuals that could of course be improved on but its a game jam after all. The sounds and music are alright. It matches the theme pretty well. However the gameplay doesn't feel very interesting or unique. Maybe you could add a story to it or some new features. Also make it a bit more challenging it was a bit too easy in my opinion. Overall its decent in most categories except for the core gameplay that might need some improvement. 

Thanks a lot man!

Yeah I'd like that. If it could be an .exe file that'd be great.

Thx for the rate and play! I'm actually working on a singleplayer mode for the game that I'll be done with in 2-3 days. So if you'd like to check that out then make sure to play the post jam version!

Great game! The theme was incorporated really well. The visuals were simply and yet absolutely stunning. Very unique and interesting game as well. The music+sounds were super duper. The only thing that lacked was maybe giving the gameplay a bit depth since its kinda easy to win and only offers the same outcome every time you play.

I was unfortunately unable to play you're game because I couldn't open the 7z file? Therefore I rated it based on the screenshots and embed twitch video.

Thank you for playing the game and rating! I get that the instructions weren't that clear but as you know game jams are really limited. If you'd like you can check out our post jam version of the game were we've made the instructions more clear and added more mechanics to give balance and depth. (Its not completely finished though).

This is a really cool game with a unique story to it. The visuals are quite pleasing to the eye and match the music as well as sounds. However where the game lacks is in its ability to instruct players on how to play.  Also the experience wasn't the best because it constantly kept crashing. I think the crashing might have been a result of using a rookie engine like game maker since it isn't the most stable with larger games just my opinion though. Lastly the theme wasn't that well incorporated since there isn't mentioned or shown a mini planet anywhere. Some people might disagree with me but I personally don't think the parts of the larger planet counts as mini planets. Overall its a pretty fun game just too bad that it keeps crashing.

Well thank you! I was unable to play you're game but it seemed like a good game too.

I was unable to play the game because I don't have winrar so I only rated it based on what I could see on the page.  The picture indicated that it matched the theme and that the visuals were alright which is rare for a jam game.  

Thats nice to hear!

This is a really good game! Its well polished and has simple but fun mechanics. The theme is integrated nicely and the sounds+music are super juicy. The only critique that I have is that the bullets for the towers look a little bland also the game idea lacks a bit of uniqueness so maybe add a unique mechanic or something like that. Overall I give it a 5/5 of course this does not mean it was perfect no games are perfect.

Thanks for playing it! If you haven't rated it yet then please do so. Also I'd love to check out your game

A little bit buggy but besides that its really good. 

I appreciate that you played this game and that you enjoyed the visuals. I will try to make the menu layout a bit more interesting.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is honestly the BEST game I've played so far. Really cool idea and creative idea! The visuals are great and the sounds+music matches them just right. Rating this game actually took a while because it was so darn addictive xD I just couldn't go above 6224 which is my highscore. Overall I'd give it 5 stars in every category! 1 thing you could do better though is maybe add numbers to the planet just to make it a bit easier to work with.

Thanks for playing it! I know its a bit hard to learn but I've focused on that part in the post jam version. I'll make sure to play and rate you're game

Hey I can't play you're game on my PC even though it looked really awesome! I use Windows 10.


Cool game! The visuals are absolutely stunning which is rare with these jam games. It matches the theme perfectly nothing more to say there. The sounds and music are great! But maybe you could've made it so that the soundtrack doesn't restart each time you die. When it comes to originality I think it maybe lacks a bit since these kind of score based games are extremely common. One unique mechanic or too might make it feel a bit more unique. Overall I thinks its a very polished and fun game. Its also very diverse because you can play it singleplayer and with friends. I give it 4/5 stars!

Thanks for playing the game and rating its honestly awesome to me that you took you're time to do that. I know that the game is a bit unfair for the Alien and I've changed that in the post jam version. Also thanks for noticing the thing about the particle effects I hadn't gotten that feedback yet. Lastly thanks for the 4 stars!

Unique and interesting game! However matching the charges orbiting is a bit difficult. The theme is matched perfectly and the sounds + music work really good with the game! Visually the game is satisfying to look at. Although you could add some animations to the planet transitioning.

I LOVE this game. Its so unique and fun to play! If I could suggest anything it would be to make the gameplay a bit easier by maybe giving each key its own lane sort of like in guitar hero. Also having a different soundtrack for each battle would be cool.

You matched the theme very well by adding a short but interesting story in the start. Visually the game lacks a bit however I really like how the planet looks actually. The game concept is a bit unoriginal. The music and sounds are pretty good and they match the gameplay just right. Overall its fun to play but lacks a bit of visual satisfaction and also some uniqueness.

Thank you for playing the game I really appreciate that. Our team is working on completing the game so if you liked it then please also give it a shot once its finished. Also thank you for enjoying the visuals we put a lot of effort into that.

Thanks for the feedback m8. I'm bamboozled by the UI overlap but bugs just happen I guess

I like this game quite a bit. Its simple but fun to play and its got some interesting story. However I don't feel like the theme is represented that well in the gameplay its only really shown in the story. Also the visuals are lacking a bit but thats of course understandable since its a game jam.

Nice work m8