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thank you.

omg this game is amazing idk why people say its so hard i made it to the second level aka the lava level and yes then it got hard but all in all you just need to find a good strategy  and you can survive super long and yes i know this game has been out for a while but i hope you continue on it because i feel this game is just so much fun its got that nostalgic feeling when i play it and i love it so much so like i said i hope you keep up with this game cuz im gonna be playing it for a long time to see if i can beat the game fully!!! 

this game is amazing its challenging but at the same time has that simplistic feeling of a classic 1980s/1990s kind of game!! i hope you keep up on this game it is just super fun to play.

please,validate my account, my username is: bluetonics and Email thanks!

this is an amazing game its so calming and it is so fun!! great job.