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dude i loved it i replayed it 3 times haha i like how you feel you are getting better the more you play.

damn dude thanks for the kind words! Right now i am working on a game based on my previous game jam game but in the future im totally down to make a mobile game out of this one.

thanks a lot for your patience! I know the game is very buggy, i had problems with it too, but i thought its better to release a buggy game than not release one at all. 

very clever good job

pretty cool

pretty cool its strangely addicting 

very cool style

cool game but i could figure out what is "only one" about this game

wow what a game one of my favorites so far

pretty cool

pretty cool more juice would be cool tho (you can increase the size of the window in itch btw)

who knew that chucking balls at other balls with eyes would be so satisfying. 

very nice i like

oh im just dumb haha

pretty fun, i like that it makes you think about how much money you can use in a fight and not just randomly using cards

nice i like it

it seems to not always be responsive when i hold down the button some indication of whenever i am charging an attack could help with that.

i figured it out! you also have to move by pressing arrow buttons.

the level design is very good good job.

game of the year

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game of the year

Thank you for the feedback! Im planning on making this into a real game so if you are interested in testing the game for yourself ill be posting a link to that on my twitter when its ready. Again thanks i really appreciate that.

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