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The hunt for alien loot is on!

XENOCAVE is a retro-styled, scrolling platformer that elevates the genre with a unique fusion of ability and fine-tuned mechanics inspired by the classics. Specifically, imagine an amalgam of Mario's fluid controls, the double-jump and rapid-fire of Ghosts 'n Goblins, and the themes of Crystal Caves.

Play it here!

Thanks for playing and your valuable feedback!

I made some design choices early on to have a stage-select screen, hidden warps, and infinite lives, instead of saving. Kinda like NES games, but I don't know if that was a good idea or not, so I need more feedback. Maybe it's an antiquated design, but I thought it was a fair way to encourage replay, increase challenge, but also allow freedom to play levels out-of-order if you wanted.

So, more-or-less from the beginning of the game, the branching paths are like this:

  • stage 1 level 1 (from stage-select screen)
  • stage 2 level 2 (from stage-select screen)
  • stage 1 level 4 (warp in level 1)
  • stage 1 level 7 (warp in level 1)
  • stage 2 level 4 (warp in level 1)
  • stage 2 level 7 (warp in level 1)
So the idea was that every level is accessible from 1 or 2 levels away. Except for the very last level, which requires finding all the gold idols. I was thinking to make some videos showing where the warps are, but I think some of the fun is in finding them :)

Having said that, I take your input to heart, and will consider how to implement a save system.