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I love how it says "consensual hug" when they are clearly making out... I even move them both side to side to make it seem more chaotic. I love this stupid game

Restarting the game and getting to where you start the gameplay still results in a blue screen with the cursor. Just wanted to make sure that you knew that. 

OK, now the game is moving towards Day 26... that's just ugh

I just want to say, this is a great game, but now I am double clicking for some reason, even if I am only clicking once. Maybe something wrong with my OS or browser. I am on Chrome OS using default Chrome Browser.(Version 77.0.3865.105 Official Build 64-bit). Very annoying and confusing.

Me too

Unity Web Player is deprecated, it probably won't work for most browsers. You could try downloading the latest UWP version (available for Windows/Mac)

What in tarnation is this game

and why do I love it so much

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This is how you make a good game. Have beautiful and smooth animations, make the controls absolutely amazing to play with (even with arrow keys you can balance the treats surprisingly well). Make it easy to learn but hard to master, give us those upgrades, and cute graphics. Make it so that you are really satisfied from playing the game. You guys nailed it! I'm not even mad that Premium exists, because it's a one time purchase for a game you are NOT going to play only one time! This is a game that you are going to get addicted to, but in the best way possible. Cozy Game Pals, you did such an amazing job!

I also love love love the controller support, and it's very easy to control, I could connect my DS4 controller to my Chromebook and get it working smoothly with no extra steps. 

I would pay for premium, but I just don't have PayPal... lol, how unfortunate.  

Won't let me post pic... 29,980 pts!