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what lol

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This game was fun! I think I didn’t finish it but from what I saw, it looked good. Can’t wait for the next games.

Can’t wait for the full game :)

Loved it! 

This is looking good so far!

this game was very creepy and I loved it.

This was pretty funny as well as being scary but in a nice little goofy way.

I actually really enjoyed this one, TNP! You guys make very fun games. I hope you enjoy watching me play it lol

Loved it, best game so far. Also please add a volume up and down option lol

This game made me scream a lot lol

mr krabs be evading the irs for sure

this game was short but fun

This game was actually pretty funny

This game was very fun to play!

This game was actually very unique and scared me really good!

This game is pretty funny!

this game was kinda scary in a different way than I thought.

this game was interesting. :)

this game is crazy

Very fun game, although it was different to use Discord as a game mechanic but hey that's cool!

Loved it