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No, the Lie is a Cake

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Why you can't play?

Is the pincipal of the thing. Ejmm..

Why you can't play the game?

I updated the page, now you can see who is who. (=

Thanks for the feedback, i already watched the stream(=

The visuals are awesome and the movements are smooth, also fits the theme of 8-BIT perfectly, excellent job.  (=

I got WINDOWS 10 but the antivirus says that it's dangerous, but i press ignore it and even don't let me play it.

You maked this game in 3 hours, i played the first level for other three hours, i can't pass it, but if i stayed for 3 hours playing your game it means that i liked it, good game design.

What timer?

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Did you make this for the TRIJAM #26 , if that's the case in the TRIJAM #26 says that needs to be in 8-bit, and needs to be made in 3 hoursbut i like it, it remembers me to snake, something i like to see in the game is some kind of enemy or tramp to make the game more interesting, sound effects, and more graphics like a background , good job.  (:

it's easy to play but i don't see the 8-bit, it confuses me a little bit and i get bored of the song, but good job.  (:

the game is good, it remembers me to, but this is not 8-BIT as the JAM said so i dunno. 

(=, i don't know how to download the game...

I can understand the game but i think you need a little bit of sounds or music, but knowing the time, i think you couldn't, good job.  (=

I was confused when i started because i was using 0 and 1 but then after clicking in the screen i see that the numbers down bellow now started changing , cool concept fo a game but the only 8-bit i see was the text and i think the sounds, but as i said, after discovering that i needed to click i started playing a lot.  n_n

Out of the comfort zone

Hey, Your game looks awesome, but it's a little repetitive, you can add some music because it's boring but i think you couldn't do it for cause of the time, but the sound effects are awesome, but also i get a little dizzy by cause of the camera, but it's a good game concept in the side of graphics and sounds.

i loved every song, and thanks for the other assets, i appreciate it.

I don't know what's happening, maybe you don't have some component to run .exe

what operative system are you using?