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Oh, I'm not working on this anymore but thank you! I am currently working on remaking my other game, cube fight (I use cubes as characters as I can't draw) in unity, which I will probably upload soon

What form? I am really confused as I posted this months ago

I think it could be fun if there was anyone else playing, also it would be good if I could turn down the sensitivity because it is extremely high

Great game, maybe have less ammo in the boxes though because I never ran out

Great game, but if i get hit i can just keep getting hit so i go back to wasd

Great game, but why is this a rar file

Cool game, did you use jonas tyrollers tutorial

what am i meant to do

Can you post this to play in the browser

Same but I use it anyway

use the discord server

Crowdforge has been down for months now, and also you can use a no code engine (I use GDevelop)

Great Game! Just make it faster to refill ink and make the levels use the Y axis more and it would be even better. Also what engine did you make this in? (I'm thinking about switching engine)

change the controls this is just painful

there is always a theme in game jams, remember that

If I click most of the time it wont detect it, also how does this relate to the theme?

Make the ball faster and fix the paddle hitbox. Also don't upload the files as a .rar file, my pc can't open that

Add sound effects and make the platforms change and this could be an ok game. It has been done before though so its similar to about 1000 other games

Make the jump feel better, and don't asset store sprites. Honestly this isn't fun at all

Whenever I got anywhere near a bullet, the hitboxes are so big that I can be far away and still take damage

I left that path in on purpose just to give more choice

Great game! Dribbling to jump higher is a good mechanic

Took a while to figure out what to do, fun game but sometimes I randomly took damage for no reason

Good game but make something that shows that it turns better

I left it so you could go under on purpose to give another route

No, I'll fix

I made it so you could go under the level to give the players another route. I also don't have enough of a level for more checkpoints really

It was my inspiration, love that anime

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Fun game, you could widen the field of view as it's hard to see

It will probably work if you have both grapples out at once

Fix that left paddle lol

Fix that left paddle lol

How do you play this? Make a little tutorial or put controls in description

Best game I've seen in this game jam yet

Great game, only problems are the sound of the players bullets. Also maybe mix up the enemies a bit more, they seem pretty similar

Make a sort of tutorial, I have no clue what I'm doing. Also the sand looks weird with the rest of the game.

Make the enemies fight back and it would be an OK game

Wasn't intended, so thanks for telling me!