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I just finished all the endings and found myself trying to find all of the details just for fun. The art/story/game in general is really cute and heartwarming. There wasn't a single moment I didn't like, as everything flows nicely and smoothly, with a certain amount of tension at the right times. It amazed me until the end,  cheering me up during a hard time. Keep up the wonderful work!!

Yes, that's the one! Thanks for trying to solve the problem, but it persists (I tried in three different computers). Maybe it's something I need to update? I have no idea honestly;; I'll probably wait for someone to make a Let's Play so I can see how the game is ><

The game seems interesting, but sadly, after the "How to Play Putty saves Goob" message, this happens:


undefined is not a function"

I tried downloading and extracting the .zip file again but it did not work, I don't know if that's just my computer, but oh well... ;w;