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Blue Bit Entertainment

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I made Build a Tune Plus as thank you for comments and downloads. The game consists of 3 levels and an ending. The game is on the Build a Tune page.

A musical memory game: Find a match for a piece tune and build the entire tune.

This is my little contribution to Music Game Jam 2018.

Order the Chaos II

Order the pieces of beautiful Mandelbrot mountains to order. Free demo, full version consists of the practice level and 12 levels of challenge.

Map Editor

Map Editor for 2D tile based games. Map Editor comes with full source code (BlitzMax) so that it can be modified to meet your needs.

Order the pieces of Julia set mountains to order. 10 simple levels and 10 advanced levels and long ending scenario for the both, that is worth seeing.

Order the Chaos

A memory game with short synth tunes. Memorize a tune related to a ball of certain color and tap that ball. The tunes are old school chip tune like tunes. 7 levels and an ending. 5 tunes + ending tune in total.

My first Android game! :-)