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Ok, this could be a really sick platforming RPG

This is so great!!

Nice music choices and gameplay. Solid 4th game :>

Very cool :)

So this is obviously not getting finished before the deadline

PSSSSSSSSH, No. Maybe. If it gets the Undertale treatment, then possibly.

Cocoa community · Created a new topic Brief Hiatus

Hi, it's me Blu, I'm here to imfooooooorm you that I'm not gonna releasing update (4.0) for Cocoa till about the end of January and crunching it through all of February. So like yeah, the reson for this is because I'm focusing on my Youtube channel for a bit. I'm planning on releasing 3 videos, 2 animations, and the other one is a Minecraft thing. I'm really excited to release those 2 animations cause it'll be like a new era for my channel so like check it out once they're released.

(Tylen from the series "Tylen: the Hungover Knight", which the pilot is releasing in mid-January)


Thanks Lumpy, very cool!

Cocoa community · Created a new topic They're just vibing
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Ok, this is epic.

This was a really inspiring game, even for how simple and short it was

Whoa, the art style really helps the game, though it's rather short. It's Short and Sweet

Nice, this is not that bad. It's just a nice lil'game

This is great, the fact that it's supported on Raspberry Pi is amazing and you nailed the aesthetic of the pico-8!

Good Job, This is actually kinda challenging, And that's not cause I'm dumb