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I should have something up soon enough, I have school stuff so I won't really be that active for the next month and a half (sadly) but during summer I'll be doing loads, I might put up some small devlogs though (good idea). I'm figuring out stuff for the third floor right now, so I'm not sure if the salad bowl enemy will fit, but I'm certain a slight variation of it will make it.

I don't think it's cringy, Sounds to me like you see potential in the game :D

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Sir Creamith must have died. I do need to make his death more obvious because if I'm not wrong he doesn't actually have a death animation. The phantom paper bag enemy was always there, they just have a super low spawn rate, for obvious reasons. And as for everything else, I'm genuinely surprised you found every little new thing in that update 0_0  I have more in the works, but I'm not gonna put everything in the demo version just cause, I want to still leave a lot of new stuff for the full game when I release it.

don't worry I'll release it when it's ready :) although I do wanna just get it finished and out

Somebody with interest in my game? You could never get annoying :) I've got some ideas for enemies on the first floor two, but I think I'll hold off on them until I get more work done on the other floors, and if you do manage to beat the boss you can notice the egg enemies on the second floor have cool glasses on 😎. I will be working to get messages up for shrines too. That twist cream idea you had is actually an idea I used ages ago when I made enemies for the third floor, banana boomerang. I'll definitely be using it when I start new work on the third floor. I think when summer comes I'll be working very hard to get this game full and completed before summer ends :D

Might even set a release date at a date near the end of summer just to push me to get it done.

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thank you, that actually helps a lot. There's still loads I don't know in GML. This can definitely be used to make more complex enemy attacks!

(Edit) That helps so much. Before I had like 50 different bullet objects hahah, I know right, but now I can cut that down to like 5, cause I can set the speed and sprite_index and so on. 

I've needed to fix those jello spawns for a while, I'll be doing that soon. As for the swords, they should only flash when thrown (to make them easier to see), if they flash when not thrown, then I probably forgot to update this version :/

1. I'm not too sure, if it's necessary I will (it adds a bit of urgency to clearing rooms).

2.There will be more than one boss for each floor. I have some new ideas for first floor bosses, so I'm not sure I'll add the pirate ship boss back, and if I do I'll be redoing all the art and animation for it. But I'll finish all the other floors first before I add new bosses to existing floors.

3. The floor themes right now loosely follow the food pyramid,  the first floor being sugary treats and so on, the second is meat, the third is vegetation, I'm not certain on the 4th floor yet. But no, there will be no Milk floor :0

4. 4

5. I'm not really sure what your asking so I probably don't know :D

Sure, I'll write the version next to the name.

As you can tell the game is far from being finished, I plan on adding more items (like you said, that just increase stats). You're right the knights are a bit too flashy, I'll update them soon. As for the spawn points, I'll look into making them more visible. Thank you  so much for the feedback :D