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This game was definitely very rough, but you just keep making stuff and you'll eventually get better.  You should use pictures from the actual game though, they're more entertaining than the picture you have up now.

Hey Vimino, thanks, though this version won't be actively updated, as the game develops there'll be more optimization with loading and stuff.  Also, is that last part supposed to be part of this comment?  Covenant shouldn't have a file in it by that name, and I noticed that you left that comment on another game actually called "You Are Ephemeral".  Did you accidentally paste that bit?

The only reason why I could think that it would try to install internet explorer on your computer is if you tried to open the art book without any kind of .pdf reader installed. 

As of a recent Windows update they're trying to phase out the built in reader that usually comes with Windows and have set the default way of opening .pdf's to Internet Explorer (or Microsoft Edge I think).  If you didn't have IE or ME installed already, Windows may automatically install it.  Do you know if it only did this when you attempted to open the ArtofCovenant.pdf? 

Even if it installs IE on your computer it shouldn't do any harm and unfortunately I can't do anything about it atm aside from recommend downloading something like Adobe Reader and setting it as your default .pdf reader so Windows doesn't try to read it with it's own built-in settings.

Let me know if this isn't the case, and I'll look further into what may be causing it.  I've had a fair amount of downloads so far and this is the first instance of this I can find.


Thanks for the feedback, and no worries, I understand where you're coming from.  There's still a lot to be done before this is finished and admittedly I'm an artist before I'm a programmer, so that's partially why it's so underdeveloped, mechanically speaking.  The idea is to eventually bring on more team members, particularly coders that can build on or rework the primitive systems I have in place.  

I just updated the link, it wasn't set to expire in my dropbox settings but for some reason it did anyway.  Try downloading it now and let me know if you have any trouble, thanks!

Oh wow, thanks a ton, I'm glad you enjoyed the game and I'm honored that you'd include it in a video.