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Nice! Can't wait to try it out :)

Nice! Hopefully this new shader will fix the issue with text appearing as boxes on Screen Space - Overlay canvases!

Until then, I have been using the GUI/Text Shader with a small improvement. I also moved the camera closer to the canvases to completely remove the issue.

I think the font size might be the problem. 

Here is a picture of STM next to Unity Text.

  1.  The font size is set to 32 on both of them.
  2. They are both using the Arial font.
  3. No AA or post processing.
  4. World Space UI

The text looks fine.

STM next to unity text but with Open Sans-Light instead:

With a thin font it looks fine too.

Further away from the camera and with a font size of 16 and thin font, however, it looks bad.

1. Unity text is naturally blurry. So I'd say that the Unity Text is normal.

2. STM is missing pixels, but not blurry.

Same distance as previous screenshot with 32 font size and Arial font:

Same distance as previous screenshot with 32 font size and Thin font:

I was going to try SDF, but that is very blurry on UGUI. ( Also as you said, it's not supported. )

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Sorry for not giving enough information...

  • It's actually blurry in the scene view too depending on how far the camera is.
  • I have no anti-aliasing set in the quality settings, however, I do have anti-aliasing using the post processing. stack 
  • I am using the Post Processing Stack 2.0 in the scene. I have anti-aliasing, motion blur, and color grading. I don't think any of those besides maybe anti aliasing would affect it...
  • I tried all post processing effects (including AA) to fix it; it fixed the missing pixels a tiny bit, but quads are still unreadable and text is still a bit blurry.

An image of it using default unity text:

  1. "Press any button to join." is a Super Text Mesh Object.
  2. "New Text" is default unity text.

It does not look like using default unity text improved anything. It looks just as blurry as default unity text is.

Screenshot of one of the STM object's inspector:

Thanks for your time!

Great work on this asset btw.


Picture of canvas without AA:

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I have some Super Text Mesh objects in a world space canvas that is 150 x 150 pixels in size. I set the scale to 0.012.

When the game is played, the STM object's are blurry/missing pixel, and the Quads are missing tons of pixels. The text in the quad is unreadable.

Is there any way I can fix/prevent this?

Oh, okay!

Thanks for the quick reply! I'm loving the asset so far!

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My game uses FMOD as it's audio engine, and enabling both the Unity Audio System and the FMOD system at the same time will reduce performance. So it would be a nice feature to add FMOD support!

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