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I tried this method and the same error came up. It says "Error 1 Invalid game data."

Every time I try to drag a file it gives me an error?

thank you!! glad you like it! It's interesting with engines like  Bitsy...the strict limitations on them kind of cause you to be more creative with how the games works or even how it looks.

thank you! ha it took forever to make this game even though its very short! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Really great game and I think a lot of us can relate with the message.

ha that would be awesome!!!

Thank You! That was the feeling I was going for so awesome to hear that!

Thanks I appreciate it!

Thank You! I appreciate it! Welcome to Itch!

Really good job! Makes me really want to visit a new local comic shop!

thank you! It took a few different tries and I had to figure it out on paper a bit so it would work and make sense. Did a few prototypes but really happy with how it turned out!

thank you!

This is really awesome and love the colors! I was just playing the original snake game the other day.

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Hey everyone,

This is my first game. Had a ton of fun creating this short adventure game. Hope you all enjoy!

ahh ok cool that makes sense! thanks for the info! I'm playing around with it now and its a lot of fun to figure it out.

Really loved this game...had zero clue what Bitsy was until I found this game and it just brought me down the rabbit hole of Bitsy games. Really love the art style in this and the smaller math games. How did you get the fog of war technique to work?