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Im just happy that I followed you… really awesome game man! all 3 points 5 stars! had fun playing the game! really, really nice game again! Keep up you awesome work!

nice one

congrats for place 5 dude :D


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No dude, its my fault XD I mean the developer shouldnt need to explain the game to a user soo. I will do it better next time :D

thanks for playing btw :D

close, the game dont tell you how to escape. The escape path IS a lie. again I really dont want you to spoil you the game but as example you can go trough a few walls. And Thanks!

thanks you so much for your honest review:

The game is very hard, and you have right about the point to make maiby an example level were the player get some instructions.

About the game theme. If you had past the first room you would have said something else. because the games about to escape from these rooms, but how you escape from them doesnt make sense. I dont want to spoiler you the game, but if you want to have a second look at it. Check out the left wall very well of the first room. 

About the story. I hadnt much time to create the reason why you in these rooms. I hadnt really a idea but I dont wanted that the player didnt know whats going on, so yeah. 

That with the splash screen, I dont really know what happend but I didnt implement one so, what the fisch.

After the jam I will update the game. And it will be not really esier but you will at least know how to play and what to do. Feel free to check it out then lol. 

Thanks again for you review :D

will try out your game soon.

would be nice if you check my game too!

thanks for the feedback!

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will check out your game soon!

and for dont get burnouts I just do many pauses lol

hope you will mine too!

it has something after the start screen? XD didnt past it too lolol

because it looks interestin though

Im really sorry but I cant open it. I dont have 7zip or winrar and I dont want it. I also tried to download the game in the Itch app and it says: no compatible version availible. though I rate your game 4/5 just so. Hope its ok mate :D

i will for sure

thanks, yeah i know.

nice game! rated!

feel free to rate my game too :)

psssst if you want to get past the first room check the left wall very very well.... but pssst

yeah. very sorry about that. I needed to implement more hints :( thanks for playing though!

Wow, you really played the hole game till the end. I appreciate it a lot because I noticed that the treasor room might be too hard. But now I know thats possible ! thanks man.

thanks for your constructive feedback about the game design. I am currently updating the game so you need to interact with the mouse to get further in the story.

I dont really know the problem with that last (first)door. maiby I set the hitbox a little bit too high.

I will improve my music and sfx for sure!

Overall I startet the hitboxes wrong, normaly in a topdown game the player has just feedcollider and the rest of the map have normal collider, but in this game its reversed: the player has a fully body collider and all the objects have headcollider . example the spikes.

thanks about the graphics! 

really appreciate it your feedback, thanks a lot!

yiay! 22 rates! get ready to be a winner :D

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my review: 

the game is very funny!

I loved flying around with those controls! XD

the graphics are awesome too, i quiet liked the pixelart.

keep up the great work!

would be nice if you check out my game out too.

sure, I will rate your game when im at home!

here is my game!

thanks! really appreciate it!

thanks for the review! You just need to walk around and go trought stuff that doesnt make sense. srry about that. I should have add more help or something. 

too XD

my review:

The game is very nice. I found the voice ver funny with the laught :D

the graphic were very simple but very nice.

the background music was good too!

I had fun playing the game!

And the game fits to the theme so nice job on this one!

maiby one thing you could improve is to add a death animation. I could be just a explosion or something. 

Keep up the great work!

maiby you want to check out my game too :D

Do it right now!

it would be nice if you check out mine too!

here is my game though!

Very nice game. Though I couldnt lock the cursor. But the game is very funny. 

One thing: the movement is a little bit strange. when you press forward you go a little bit to the left, I mean it was so in my case. dont know if its me or the game :D

here is by the way my Game :D

my review:

I really like the ambience of the game. But it would be better with music and soundeffects!

The graphic is very nice!

The game fits good to the theme because of some illusions.

I had overall fun playing your game.

maiby you could implement background scrolling. this would improve the game I think.

But overall great job! keep up the great work!

maiby you want check out my game too! would be nice to get a review too.

my review:

The game is just awesome. I really love the graphics! the audio is also great !

I had fun playing this game. I was stuck at 2 levels but then i was really satisfyed when I solved them!

great job with the gamedesign. 

though i dont really understand the theme but that doesnt matter.

keep up the great work!

hope you will get a look at my game too :D

I would suggest you to build it for web! thats even better!

im very sorry but I tried to hide the cursor because at the time I disnt now how to hide it. you cant you anything with the mouse. you just need to walk around and go trought things.

oh thanks dude! appreciate it! :D

btw followed you lol


my review:

The game is very good. But I got stuck at the second key... XD 

It fits very good to the theme :D

The graphics are awesome!

The Sound, Music and soundeffects or the voice actor has a very nice voice. And nice detail that the music is coming from the radio :D

I had fun only finding the first key :D

keep up the work !

maiby you want to try out my game :D

just try to post it in some topics who player want to play games. Oh and dont forget to put screenshots or gifts in the message. I think then the people would be much mor interested! good luck :D

Here is my game, hope someone will have a look at it :D