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I may just be slow but I dont see any link to dowload your game or any way to try it out!

Thank you so much! We're really glad you enjoyed it! We really aim to make our next game clearer the player doesn't have to fight the interface to play! 

Thank you a lot! Yes, we definitetly have to work on how to let the player know clearly what he can interact with and what are his possibilities , it's a recurring problem for our players. We already have some fixes in mind for a number of issues and we're absolutely going to learn from that experience for our future projects!

Thanks a bunch for your comment! Yeah, i got a bit carried away with the characters' files hahaha! And the faded out arrows are a great idea, we're definitely going to had that in after the game jam! 

Thank you so much for your feedback!It means a lot to us! It's our first duo game, and I must say we're pretty proud of it! We'll definitely enter the next jam! :P 



Here is a guide to help anyone stucked or trying to test the game to it’s full extent. For your own enjoyment, we advise you to try and play the game without reading it. Poke around a bit, get a feel of everything and everyone. Don’t be ashamed to fail the test; it isn’t designed to be completed on the first try. Regardless of how you play the game, we really hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it!



After beginning a playtrough:

  1. Switch to the magenta floor and get Bertrand out of his cell.
  2. Use him to open the breaker box and switch to Chips.
  3. Make Chips rewire the breaker box, then switch to the cyan floor.
  4. Use Chips to rewire the light socket and switch to the green floor.
  5. Get Amelia out, and make her interact with the now powered computer to dispense some bobby pins.
  6. Free Bonnie to take the bobby pins, and switch to the orange floor.
  7. Use Bonnie to picklock the safe, and switch to Bertrand.
  8. Interact with the box with Bertrand to break it accidentally, and switch to Amelia.
  9. Make her read the number on the paper and switch back to the green floor.
  10. Input the code with Amelia in the computer and go to the final directive terminal (Just above the levers used to control the room) Make a choice.