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very very fun! i did get a little lost at some parts, and ended up doing some shady maneuvers tho

... it wasn't that bad... though the shooting noise :(

really fun, tho the music made it seem like it would be sad... it wasnt :( also the hit box was too unforgiving 

i couldn't get it to run :(

you can make anything, as long as it follows the rules, just remember that most of us know English and have a windows pc


thank you for letting me know, i will hopefully have a new build out next week

thanks, i wonder why the resolution was low... and the music and art was made by stridersounds and Erizur

sometimes in games the police are the bad guys

i don't see how the police would be against the limitation...

they don't multiply, its actually the red words colliding with your burden 

clickteam fusion 2.5

i would love to, but i cant... the exporter for mac is for the mac version of the software im using... which is $300. maybe in the near future tho!

thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed, and the game was originally going to be the guy walking around with his burden,   but i could not figure out how to make the blocks stable.

I get an error that says "the following program is required: DirectX Runtime"

This game has amazing design, you guys should be proud

What a crazy game! tho i would not recommend playing it in the car...

Upload the game to, and send me the link please.

but it would be cool to get +1 bullet to your maximum... just mowing down enemies... and being forced to dodge your own bullets

What a wonderful little shooter game!!!

There is a problem with the game... when i grow, and i have reached the stage where the top of the tree is no longer visible, i go back to a sprout

ok thanks, by the way, if you make a sprite editor and a way to export to .exe files, you could make baba is you a game engine. of course a lot of other things would need to be done, like making objects invisible =, and adding other things, but you could definitely do it 0w0

how do i get to the editor?

Crap... i remember that one bit of code... im patching it now


um... well, there isn't a rule saying you can't.

NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why? these bombs, they use no logic, so frustrating, also i could tell it was made in clickteam, very impressive!

0w0... by the way... the ending isn't that special

so, i don't know if this is just me but, when i go into like the hyperspace crazy rotation thing, my screen starts flashing black... making the game unplayable for me.

glad you had fun, we will try to make the jump a little faster in the full game! thanks for the feedback 0w0

technically no. it does not. it uses the mouse

thanks! sorry to here that you could not get a hang of it (i dont believe that it was the best movement i have made BUT i wanted to try something new!!!)

try inverted controls

(β—•Ο‰β—•) glad you had fun

The tiles with the blue are suppose to be like that, to look more solid. You can’t change the background filler color on the tiles, you can make the whole tile transparent, but not some of it (this should answer your Mario question) so no partial usage. As for merging, you can overlap but you can’t merge 2 tiles

Hope this helps

The themes of the game jam are


And Darkness 

Nice game, though i found it really hard to play with WASD the space bar, and clicking... up down left right, x and c maybe??

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I would love it if you could post your music on for people to use and listen to. This could be different from a sound track, and instead be called something like "song". You could post royalty free music for people to use in their own games (maybe some music could cost money?). Or you could post music for people to just listen to(like a sound track but just one song)

it would be nice if this was added to for video game composers(like myself)!

if this is not to close to something else like Spotify, please consider. Thanks.

 - Blaze

there will be a much harder restriction for mini jam 3rd edition sooooo ye

what is your discord name?