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Okay, sorry for the trouble. I thought id have to make a new email. Great game though

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I made an account and have tried all my passwords that i use. Could i get my account back if i forgot my password? I dont want to make a new account and gain more HP because that feels cheap. The account name is "Blaze292" and my email is "".


THIS GAME IS AMAZING. This game is so fun to play and i got some reallly nice clips. Good job on the game whoever made this. Its fun

VERY GOOD GAME just no ones plating

REALLY FUN GAME! i was bored so downloaded this and it srealllly fun

cant get past the first level 

with the rocking chambers, idk if its just me but seems impossible

bruh get a different pc, apple sucks

he's not asking about alcohol! he wants linus.

this. is. beautiful. keep up the good work <3