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I played this game with my friends at school a month or two ago. We loved it, but we do wish for a sequel :3

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Heyo, This game is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

Here are my suggestions (Not many, surprising!)

1. Railroad Crossings. This is an absolute MUST!!! It is very annoying to have to build tunnels or bridges (Which are really expensive) Over each other.

2. The Ability to add platforms and extend the width of an existing station. It is also a bit annoying to have to demolish a station, build an entire new one, and then re - route ALL trains that go to that station! PLEASE ADD THIS!!!!!!!

3. The ability to possibly only install mods into certain maps you created(?) I doubt this is possible, but I dont know! - you're the DEV's!

4. If you could create a modpack for the other locomotive candidates you were going to select. To be honest, I was a bit dissapointed that some of the locos were so out there. Like the Class O, the heck is that? Just a generic black switcher in my book. So a modpack for some of the other locos you were possibly going to choose would be nice!

5. A Vehicle List. This would simply just be a seperate tab where you can view your vehicles all in one, check their profitability, etc. Because it gets annoying when I only want to upgrade certain locos or trucks, and have to find each one I want all around  the map.

Well, that's my take. I hope you take my ides into consideration! And keep up the awesome work!