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The arrow keys are used for scratching

True masterpiece. I am speechless. Very intense music.

Everything from the beautiful visuals to the exceptional sound design, this is a true masterpiece

cool concept

this scared me so much i crapped my pamnts

Graphically nice, just the speed that the volcano rotates doesnt exactly match the speed that things rotate around it. I found it to be kinda frustrating sometimes because an eggplant would spawn on an ice spike.

The graphics are really great, but the controls are a bit frustrating (wall jumping specifically). Music also gets repetative.

I can see myself sinking waay to many hours into this. Great job!

This game is really fun! The mechanics are interesting, and the concept of being chased ties in to the theme pretty well. Id say that the only criticisms I have are that double tapping the movement button to dash is a little awkward (maybe enter or space to dash), and actually learning how to dash took a little bit to figure out. Maybe a tutorial would do for movement and objectives.

I really wish I could give this a better rating, but I had such a hard time progressing. The only way to gain speed is to jump, and the physics are like ice. I would definetly work on actual running, and just making the game more playable overall.