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This game is perfect

Amazing aesthetic, and one suggestion would be to add a "cut-scene progression bar" tucked in a corner. I didn't know if I needed to click or wait during the animations, so 6 little pixels below "temperature" would suffice, and add to the old-movie crossed with dos-game aesthetic.

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Good  puzzle, although once you get it it flies by very fast. If you could lengthen it or just make it so you had to click the dots to get each answer it would be that much more of a game. Unless you were going for an interactive art piece. I did totally smile and feel special once I understood the puzzle though, it's really good at making you feel like that. It's an "aha" in a box.

Great idea, although you should make it clearer that you can press a key to end the red entity encounters. I was stuck clicking for ages before I accidentally discovered how to get out of it.

If you thought this game was messed up and stupid with it's story and loud noise going throughout the whole game, don't wait 20 minutes to google what the heck "Tinnitus" is.

Great! Let me know if you ever need my help, I don't want money or anything. Being a part of something is all I need.

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I love this idea. I know about sound design, if you want to pair up. I can imagine this as a large game with similar story, but of course more drawn-out to be more entertaining. Your graphics are perfect and all you need is a storyboard and spoopy noises.