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So I have been playing it for a week and I love it. The story is interesting and i like the training idea, each character has a personality well definited. The management part is also quite good and even there is not too much events, everything is really nice and immersive.

The only things i'm having doubts on is the dream the headmaster has, where is subconscius is telling him that he now he is doing somenthing not right, and i hope he won't try to become nicer or somenthing like that, i like the way he is now.

Also i would like some sort with Ruth, where the headmaster can try to corrupt her so she goes to his sides, i love when there are charachter who clearly oppose the mc and then they become subdued to the mc (what i hope it will happend with Maxine).  Priti is also one of my fav, so i expect her route. I'm sure i will have to wait the futures updates for routers with the other girls...

Plus i LOVED that in the dormitory and in Rachel's room there is a poster of Overlord! When i saw it i was so happy, is my fav anime so the fact that it was there it made the game even better than before, even if it was already perfect to begin with.

What i said where just some ideas so you don't need to listen to them if you have already what to do; just wanted to say you have already did a good job!

i can't wait for the next update.