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Black Wave Games

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I had quite a bit of joking fun with this game, despite my fear of heights which for some reason oddly transfers into games as I get a sinking feeling every time I fall and fail. Looking forward to seeing the full release! 

Immediately added to steam wishlist. I'm in need of more murder mystery detective ish games that doesn't have the flashlight horror theme going on and I definitely want to see more of what this story has to offer! 

I can't wait until the full release of this game I have it wishlisted on steam, especially for the co-op aspect of it. Made a video but I'm a bad partner so, gonna give it another shot. 

Created a new topic I didn't know there was depth

I went into this thinking it wouldn't be this big thing. And it was - which is good! I have to make it, its own video. Theres a lot to this game even though they are just puzzles. It reminded me of games like the witness where there is just puzzle after puzzle. I'm not usually into these types of games but you pulled me in with your dreamy landscapes. Video starts where game begins :)

Snack & Slash is played firstly. I actually had a good time with this game, it didn't come to me what it reminded me of until the day after I finished filming. Overcooked, but hey still fun, as I've never played overcooked anyway. If there were more levels and maybe a deeper breakdown into recipes that would be awesome. Either way, I had fun playing this, and that's what matters.

I had a lot of fun with this game and trying to best my own score, as well as speed run it. I really wish there was a lot more missions or objectives to complete, but the fact that this is something fresh, I found it highly entertaining. Thank you!

Created a new topic That ending!

Had a really fun time with this game, it reminded me of the times I used to spend in chat rooms + The movie Unfriended. Video starts at the game!

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This game was a wild ride for me! The subtle scares, the unknowingness, all I wanted to do was get out of there but, there was only one way to go... Awesome game!!

I tried to lighten up game play a bit but you know what, the darkness adds to the fear that whatever is outside is going to get in if I'm not fast enough in fixing the vehicle. I got a spook on one scene that sent my heart racing which is rare, very nice game! Oh and the atmospheric sounds made it much worse (which by that I mean good).

Created a new topic I'm gonna be a Blacksmith

I failed miserably but I'll be back and better. Game Starts at 7:30 , I made sure the link starts at the game.

Very comedic game that reminded me of games I would play in school on flash websites, enjoyed the time I had!