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Made this game a part of my spooktober special, I thought I got a PT vibe from it but I was wrong. I don't get the need for the camera flash to unveil messages overall for the time I did play, it was nice jump scares. I wish the thing outside was more... Active in being creepy instead of it being a hidden entity. 

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So, great horror game, scared the begezzus outta me, I don't like being chased and well... Yeah. I love the VHS effect, we really need more "Found Footage" type horror games (one of my favorite sub genres of horror but I know its totally subjective.) So I couldn't finish it, and that's because my anxiety was at an all time high with being chased, I really wish I could. But I definitely have a high appreciation how absolutely horrifying you've made this game, I will some day revisit and try again.

Reminds me of the horror movie anthology series V/H/S I  appreciate the vibe. What I mean by that is I appreciate how there aren't really any jump scares to purposely scare you, but yourself. What your mind depicts is happening is the true horror. Are you a victim or are you the possible monster? I also must commend you on how photo-realistic this looks which adds to the atmosphere. I would play an entire horror game that looked this way, thank you. I contributed this as the first video for my month of Spooktober. 

10/10 relatable.  

I was very confused at everything that was happening. I usually like to jump straight into games so I'm not expecting too much to leave an element of surprise, but part of me wishes I had more of the inspired "backstory" before I started it. I think this could be easily mistaken for a form of performance art, and I mean that in the best way possible. 

The dang spider, if anything I hesitated the most at that part because, as I state, just not a fan of bugs! All around pretty cool game, a lot of bloom and chromatic aberration, those are just two huge graphic features I'm not the biggest fan of. I wish the ending was a little bit more suspenseful, these games usually get a jump scare or two out of me, but I believe it wasn't a terrifying enough build up for me to open my mind up to fear (if that makes sense). The thing appears in front of you, what really would have got me, is if it chased you. Other than that, Lifo is a decent short game that displays the beauty that is the Unreal Engine. 

For transparency, got frustrated in the beginning because of no clear objective. Don't need a map, just need an objective, as its clearly not the Rust - The Forest - type survival game considering the objects you (need to?)  collect to get that specific item. Not sure if I noticed a game mechanic or not - glowing eyes matter? At least they're the ones that dropped items in my games. Also found it frustrating the amount of shots it took straight to the head to down them. Not expecting perfection from the jump, never am, but I respect transparency. Either way, love the graphics, use of the unreal engine is great. And would love to get the story behind this game. Were you inspired by the resident evil/silent hill series perhaps? I'll be watching this one, I wish you success on your development. 

I got a fright. I don't know what the fear of being chased is - Let me Goggle- apparently there is no specific phobia name for being chased in general but there is for this.
Lupislipophobia- The fear of being chased by timber wolves around a kitchen table on a newly waxed floor while wearing socks.

Wow. Ok well I'M AFRAID OF BEING CHASED. And I still can't wait to see what more you have in store for this game, enjoyed half and definitely enjoyed this. Keep it up!

Sad that its super short! Now I want to know more to the story, how did I end up there? Did I kill her? Was I set up?! Who set me up!? I'd never, EVER murder anyone. ;) 

Really had a fun time with this demo, I see that development is on hold, any news as to when it will be off? I really enjoyed the dark room sequence as I can't say I've ever played a game personally that featured one for you to process something in. Hopefully we can see a full version of this game sometime in the next few years, you've got something here.

Great graphics, lot of booze cans on the floor unsure about the previous owners (of the home) issue, perhaps story related or just junk for the environment? Either way, short teaser (as is already stated) but very much looking forward to the development of this game, maybe a longer demo in the coming months?

I am left feeling overall indifferent. Good thing it was on the patient form! In all seriousness, I'm not sure if this "game" was meant to be "memed" or an actual game with an actual story behind it, but I'll give you one thing, its a good idea, perhaps think about expanding on it? People love taking quizzes!- Took a look at the form twice... Very interesting about the church segment itself, as I made enough comments to fill both spaces. 

I really wish there were more heavy scares in this game, but I understand for it just being a tech demo in a way. I hope we see more from you. You got the looks down on what makes a scary atmosphere, now its time for some story! 

I guess what probably makes this too easy and predictable is the fact you can get the gate key right away and leave without being scared. Which ultimately means now you have to intentionally do things to get the jump scares instead of them happening naturally, catching you off guard and scaring you. Other than that, I enjoyed the game and the lesson that it teaches, which we should all know is to respect the dead, respect spirits etc, whatever you believe or not. I'll be watching for the full release!

You've struck a cord with the mannequins for me. I repeat it several times, but mannequins will always creep me out after playing condemned criminal origins and that mall scene finding the killer. I don't know if there is where you got your inspiration from but it definitely felt like it and thats awesome. We need more murder mystery thriller games. Despite being armed I wasn't scared, that said maybe having to make the shots count is what would add greater difficulty and more fear, like the enemies can only die if you shoot it in the head otherwise it will keep coming for you or find a way to reattach its body. But throwing somethings out there, either way, really enjoyed this one, hope we can see more from you.

Really enjoying the lack of a "flashlight horror" as I call it. And the camera flash, its different, reminds me of a couple of horror movies/ghost adventures and its absolutely refreshing like an actual ghost/spirit horror game. I really can't wait to play this whole game, it almost, almost got a scream outta me, but it definitely had me shook regardless. Seriously can't wait, the graphics are also beautiful though I'm not a fan of chromatic apparition as an un-toggable graphic feature.

Had a really fun time playing this despite the really really really cheap scare - you know what I'm talking about haha. I enjoy pure horror games where I'm placed in "what if" situations, like horror movie plots. And in this case the title I named my video speaks for itself. I look forward to Plague if its anywhere near reminiscent of Half.

Hey there, really digging the atmosphere of the game, although if I'm being fully honest - subjective to my opinion and all - I just couldn't get pass being "hunted" while trying to complete something. It was less scary and more annoying. But that just goes hand in hand with my play style, others will definitely get a kick out of it. Other than that I enjoyed the fear of something following you and you turn around and BOOM weeping angel vibes. Anyways, very impressive for a 5 week creation, hoping to see more from you.

Congrats my friend, looking forward to playing it now that its out!

First off congrats on being a hot game. Second my only gripe with this game is the fact the reticle is very small (likely subjective to eye sight) and its hard to tell what to do next as some things seem mundane in the sequence of order. Other than that, enjoyed the short gameplay, the graphics were nice and things like this are always a tease cause now I want more backstory!

I really wish I could have enjoyed the full graphics but that's no matter. I had fun with this game, and got vibes you may have taken some inspiration from The Princess Bride? Also perhaps Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Either way the comedy matches and its just overall refreshing fun, this could definitely be something bigger on a wider scale, we don't have a lot of games with sword play and we should. I really hope to see more from you and your team in the future.

I had quite a bit of joking fun with this game, despite my fear of heights which for some reason oddly transfers into games as I get a sinking feeling every time I fall and fail. Looking forward to seeing the full release! 

Immediately added to steam wishlist. I'm in need of more murder mystery detective ish games that doesn't have the flashlight horror theme going on and I definitely want to see more of what this story has to offer! 

I can't wait until the full release of this game I have it wishlisted on steam, especially for the co-op aspect of it. Made a video but I'm a bad partner so, gonna give it another shot. 

I went into this thinking it wouldn't be this big thing. And it was - which is good! I have to make it, its own video. Theres a lot to this game even though they are just puzzles. It reminded me of games like the witness where there is just puzzle after puzzle. I'm not usually into these types of games but you pulled me in with your dreamy landscapes. Video starts where game begins :)

Snack & Slash is played firstly. I actually had a good time with this game, it didn't come to me what it reminded me of until the day after I finished filming. Overcooked, but hey still fun, as I've never played overcooked anyway. If there were more levels and maybe a deeper breakdown into recipes that would be awesome. Either way, I had fun playing this, and that's what matters.

I had a lot of fun with this game and trying to best my own score, as well as speed run it. I really wish there was a lot more missions or objectives to complete, but the fact that this is something fresh, I found it highly entertaining. Thank you!

Let's Chat 2 community · Created a new topic That ending!

Had a really fun time with this game, it reminded me of the times I used to spend in chat rooms + The movie Unfriended. Video starts at the game!

This game was a wild ride for me! The subtle scares, the unknowingness, all I wanted to do was get out of there but, there was only one way to go... Awesome game!!

I tried to lighten up game play a bit but you know what, the darkness adds to the fear that whatever is outside is going to get in if I'm not fast enough in fixing the vehicle. I got a spook on one scene that sent my heart racing which is rare, very nice game! Oh and the atmospheric sounds made it much worse (which by that I mean good).

I failed miserably but I'll be back and better. Game Starts at 7:30 , I made sure the link starts at the game.

Very comedic game that reminded me of games I would play in school on flash websites, enjoyed the time I had!