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A way to zoom in would be nice, otherwise seems good to me. I personally don't mind a complete lack of music; better than being forced to mute the game because the soundtrack is completely insufferable.

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I've never watched GoT and I'm not interested at all, but I do love the idea of taking an event of a passive medium of fiction and giving people the opportunity to make things differently. This is a difficult game with nice graphic design, a decent soundtrack, and the gameplay is simple but fun indeed.

Not everyhing is explained in-game. I know not if this is because of laziness / oversight (which I've seen , but it might aswell could be intentional, and honestly I do appreciate this, because the fundamentals are still explained, and the lack of advanced guidance makes the player think and experiment for himself, which I appreciate a lot.

But no game is perfect, and so I have to say that the planning system is rather ... counter intuitive, to be honest. It's rather obnoxious to find out that you've misplaced one or two units when you're almost done and then have to go back 5 different mini menus. Having one entire menu for all units, similar to a tower defense game, makes much more sense and is way better to deal with, especially after the first level is already done and all the units introduced.

That being said, I give this game a rating of 5 / 5.

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I just saw what you (i.e. the dev) have planned, documented in the Discord Server. This looks very interesting, and my rating is mostly based on what is already there and is barely about what could be there. This game is already neigh flawless, but what you've planned, if you manage to implement it, would make this game much more fun. I'm hyped.

So I guess, 6 / 5 for anticipation? :D

Unfortunately, I'm unable to play the game. When starting the game, I just end up with a greyscreen after seeing the Unity logo. :/

Maybe I am overlooking something, but I was physically unable to play the game. I went through my entire keyboard and tried using my mouse, nothing was happening.