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Black Mouse

A member registered May 21, 2016

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Loved it! I have to admit that I prefer when your text adventures have no combat/stats/hp/leveling like this one here. I guess I enjoy the pure joy of interactive fiction at its best! 

And I did appreciate the cool detachable limb mechanics - brilliant! Can't wait to play more :)

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It happened once in Queen Valarisa quest on my first visit there (I was a battle mage if that matters at all). It never happened again.

Also, I would be grateful for an easy mode someday. Those fights are fierce :D

Oh, and one more thing - I feel the need thank you once again for making Lux. I keep remembering about that game, and it has a permanent spot in both my heart and mind. Every time I see a new upload from you I hope for another text adventure like Lux or Chuck :)

When entering the academy, one paragraph says:

In the Main Hall you pass by $enteringacademy.

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Any chance for music download? I especially love the piece that plays after you summon a shape. I left the game running hoping it would loop but it does not :(

EDIT: Hmm...seems to be looping now (at least as long as I don't change the tab)...strange... Still... A download would rock my world :)