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Joshua Bidwell

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Next minute Ruby has a sweet job working for a telecom company :D

Thank you Zac, 10 times better than scrolling through facebook on a good day

Windowed mode is a must. An interesting choice there changing the capsules to raindrops, I'm imagining a bucket filling up

Thank you for this, I found myself talking out loud and it was kind of relieving. I'm very interested in Deathfest now and I can't believe I haven't heard of it before. 
I liked that Death doesn't have any colour or texture but can't help but wonder; if she had an idle animation, would the effect be greater?

Posted in Pond comments

I needed this. It slowed me down for sure.

Thank you, me too!

Replied to Ruby in Bus Stop comments

What Ruby said, very creepy and I never say that. Changing that text as you clicked the hyperlinks for the character's thoughts was intense. Very inspiring. Thanks Erika.

I love how you've added so much feeling to the space. Inspiring ;)

How difficult would it be to build this for android?

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