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Black Corporation

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To make a call you need to click the receiver, in the last update we did the isn't the middle button anymore. Anyway I'll look into it asap

I'll look into it in the evening. Can you send us a screenshot just to be sure?

We are working on next days and on improving the first one.   As we are in italy, having coronavirus emergency in our country is not helping at all with the development. I would like to say something more but we really don't know when everything will be back to normality

thanks very much for the video! I saw you had problems with the dialing on the telephone, we are still working on that (as many other things)

Thanks again!

Now we are workin' to improve the Ui/UX.

No VR baby!

1 Thank you, your sickness is our goal.
2 Now we are working to improve commands and UI/Ux.
3's a secret.

Grazie del feedback!

we are looking into improving controls! Thanks for your feedback!

We really appreciate it!

when you start a game there are should be a few post-its that act like a tutorial. Anyway we will add more info in the pause menu.

I will look into the resolution bug as it really strange. In the next few days I will patch it, the launcher will tell you automatically when. 

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Thanks for the feedback! We added arrows for navigation too! And escape button for back.for the phone screen, did you make the tutorial action? Because you need to compose a number to be able to go on

Edit: there is resolution settings on options. If you couldn't change it somehow, We will fix it asap. Next patch should be online soon!