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Thanks for the help

I'm glad that I was able to put a smile on your face, and I also agree with you that Caribdis is a great guy.

Awesome! Keep working hard, because this game is bombsauce.

Okay, this game is amazing. I have played damn near 100 of these types of games, and most of them sucked ass. This game's story is so good! I deadass think Krystal's storyline is endearing, and I am so excited for the next update. Ripples and Once In A Lifetime are the best games in this genre, and I cannot wait for the episode 4.

GOD! This game is so good! Any idea when V0.10 is gonna be released

How do you get the ultimate ending where all you have a fivesome with all Susan, Bella, Liza, and Rachel? I followed all of their strorylines perfectly, and married all 4 of them, but I didn't get the fivesome. Also, how do you get Liza pregnant?

Will there be pregnancy in this game?

When is the next update?

So excited to play chapter 9! This game is so good.

what is melody

ight bet

Do you have a specific day for public release or is it just late march?

How do you get Rachel?

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How do you aquire Rachel?

hah, nice, this game rocks bro

This game rocks bro, when's the next update?

Is Julia supposed to be the mc's mom or what?

Does anyone know where I can get the latest version?

Good luck with this game, becauce me and along with everyone else who plays this game, are very exited for the next version.

ight that’s fair I guess

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Also I like the pregnancy stuff, so add more stuff with that, so just add the ability to get all 7 girls pregnant. Only if you want to though. Last question, is Charles Samael? Jasmine and Carla are my favorite 2 girls btw, but I like all the other girls too.

ight cool, this game is awesome. It's got me hot and bothered. ngl

you're welcome! By the way, I hate to ask, but do you have any Idea when the next update might be?

Ah, no need to thank me. I'm being serious about this. I've played like 25 of these types of games and this is  by far the most unique. I love it. It's not just a sex simulator like all the other games, but has enough sexy time thrown in there to make it even better.

All Jokes Aside, this game is actually really fun. Good Job Caribdis. I genuinely hope this game becomes successful. Good luck with this game, and the same goes for all your other future endeavors.

I've played some, but not all. I have become an active connoisseur of this game. I friggin' love it.

At least I'm not some homophobic loser who probably still lives with they're parents.

ngl I love Lin because I have a softspot for Lolis

That's cool, because I happen to be on the spectrum. I always feel that we are not represented enough in the media, so I thoroughly enjoy that. Shoutout to the special olympics. 

ight bet

Bruh I love Fanora. I have a soft spot for lolis.

Where can I get the rest of the episodes?

Thanks, I'm really looking forward to playing your game

Ryoba's the hottest, I will here no further arguments.

What does that mean though, are there like adopted-related relations? Because I'm cool with that.

You should be glad you missed something, this guy is a homophobic piece of shit.

What the hell is the matter with you dude? Lesbians haven’t done anything to you, they’re just like everyone else. Shouting out about how you hate lesbians, and wishing death upon all lesbians is probably why you’re banned. Why would Runey add you back if you were a dick to lesbians. Your homophobia is not welcome here, so please fuck off.

What’s your 4-Digit-Tag?

I am in the discord, and  my name is the same as my name.

I would love to see Moon from the bar as a main girl, and Maria's childhood friend is pretty cute too.