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good fun game, crashes occasionally when i get all of the upgrades on mobile. 

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side note, the exclusice content keeps redirecting me here even after i paid for a copy here and will just open a new tab instead of letting me gain access to the exclusive content... might be bugged or something.

might be worth it to add the art pack with this version too...


hey a 2.0 version. i'll buy a spare copy too with the updated version. just to help out a bit!

time to check it out...! :)

Uh oh. Lol! look at the picture of the shark at the top of the screen, he has a tomato muscle! literally. he has some green tuft there. it could be a bit of clothing but to me it looks like a tomato bicep thingy.

right under.

"Live the life of someone afflicted with a curse that either makes you super fat or ultra buff. You can go out into the woods and fight monsters, or talk to them and try to make friends - or fuck them"

heheheheheh. he must eat alot of fruit and vegetables... :P

is there a limit to how many clones there can be? I'm at 53 lol. I haven't hit a limit yet but i wonder just how many times i will be cloned... And if theres a limit. Lol. 

Joke: i guess i'm addicted to dying... Literally. Lol.

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i think super anabol might be bugged ATM, i don't seem to get any negative effects from it as far as i've seen. I'll play and check for its negative effects later to confirm it. 

Heres a status effect idea for much later, Frenzy. A character in a frenzy attacks twice in a row. The frenzy effect should probably be used for people on super anabol/steroids or other unusual growth chemicals. If we get to encounter any addicts, freaks, mutants and or other whacky characters and such in the future. Like stunning someone but you just attack twice instead of skipping a turn of whoever is stunned. 

i think you go to the temple to revert back, or something. Hope it helps,

dunno when it will be, we will just have to be patient sadly.

We will have to wait and see, i do have doubts on it but lets see whats next. 

The game is also on hold/non updated as far as i know for a long time. It might be abandoned or just too busy with the other things on patreon and stuff. 

Pumpt! community · Created a new topic how's the game going

I wonder how its going at the moment..might be a dead game sadly. Ahh well. It is a great game, it works well. It does glitch sometimes but only for a few seconds on my own crap computer and is really fun to play. 

Still, later on, see if you can set up a payment system here so we can donate money by buying copies of the game here, if you want to.

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theres a bit of a trick to the quick shot game, when on phone for me, tap diagonally to try to hit your shots more often and or focus on two lanes at a time. Its definitely hard but worth it. Try either stratergy and see how it goes. If it doesn't work. Well, you will probably have to keep trying, mix it up a bit and remember what lanes start first and end first too. 

Note: They do change last time i checked so notice the pattern and good luck with it but the first one is usually the same per save file from what i've noticed.

Sadly, the game is undergoing major overhauls at the moment so don't expect the quick shot game to get easier for awhile sadly. Food, liquor and the pier will come later once the overhauls are done, which will probably take ages. All i can say is good luck and we'll have to be patient to see what comes next .... 

kind of wish the male characters had a bit of muscle, not too much but enough so they don't blend in too much with the females. Just an idea anyways, looks and functions good at the moment.

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aw, too bad i cant get $infinity once i get too big, i think a soft-lock is put on your character to stop them from growing too big easily. Ahh well, it was fun breaking the game. Lol. 

Joke: i guess you cant go 'To Infinity And Beyond' now. Hahahah... :P

Side note, apparently, i can reach infinite hunger well, before and now and i can eat through competitions and alternative food sources but no longer can buy food from the computer once infinity hunger appears when you get just a tad too big... 

who knows... we might get to verse a giant slime creature in the future. Eh, just an idea. 

sadly, no. Well... Just remember to read the fine print before playing... Lol, just a joke.

an idea for the future, a hundreds button for Trans-Tech transfers would be really helpful, rather than needing to press the dammed +10 hundreds of times, so we can speed up the usage of transfer token thingies.

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Ay, thought of a new curse idea. The curse of Robotization. 

you start off as a robot instead of a primitive flesh-bag ( lol, :) ) but robots are a bit different... 

the simple things first...

robots don't need to eat or exercise and can do those things but gain no benefits or negative effects. they can just do it for the general interactions with the world. because of this, they can compete in eating contests still. buy weights and just decorate their houses/property.

uh, you get to be a machine... i guess. thats simple... :P

now the technical ideas of it...

food you buy/borrow without returning... hah. is replaced with batteries that recharge your energy. if you run out of energy, you enter a weakened low power state and stagger back home to recharge. you automatically losing a fight of you are in one of course rather than getting turns to talk your way out of things.

robots need to buy new parts to grow. the better the quality, the bigger certain parts of you get, buy limb parts to grow muscle mass. buy chassis parts to increase your max health and height and buy internal systems ( well, internal parts make you fatter and become well, better at reproduction with the typical lame living organisms via increased balls/sausage size. )

by quality as i mentioned before, i mean you can get old parts, these are kind of broken down and flimsy but cheap. spare parts are better and are about average with your self improvements. new parts are straight off the production line and can make you grow rapidly but cost alot.

finally, robots, magic and curses uh... not sure on this. who knows, maybe robots aren't effected by curses and magic as a whole. or Trans-Tech might have some tricks up their sleeves to make robots be effected by magic. who knows.

just a funky idea for the future or something. the end idea of it is to see how big of a machination-(machine) of science you can get i guess, or something rather than by being a typical organic person

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i wonder what the robot for the curse of debt will look like. hasn't got one yet for this version as far as i'm aware of although, i'd laugh if its just a metal box with arms and wheels. lol.

side idea for the far future updates. for the next area after the castle, why not a science lab! if we got trans-tech sending robots around and making people grow, there must be some sort of lab or something where they operate. 

for some enemies...

probs an advanced robot, like an humanoid, upgraded debt collecting robot. debt collector 2.0 or 3.0 if there is an upgraded debt collector you can encounter later on for the curse of debt

a scientist that can... do something, maybe with chemicals or injections to make you grow or shrink permanantly, as a bit of a challenge, like make you loose or gain muscle mass but no cure for it like with the antidote and the cobra so the changes last after the fight.

a mutant, some poor dude that can grow at an alarming rate due to them being just a tad on the mutated side, thanks to trans-tech! maybe a bit of a hybrid of characters too, like part shark/dragon or part lizard/eel

maybe even get some sort of experimental items from trans-tech later... 

...come to think of it, the doctor in the hospital might secretly be the CEO, after all, he does have a "trans" flag, so he might own "trans-tech" as well as has access to a supply of steroids and god knows what else...  lol. this is purely a joke-theory... :)

just some ideas anyways for the future... good luck with the game anyways!

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if one puts out all of them then, light a different one and remember the order. i cant remember the order exactly but it isn't impossible.

interesting little game, i like it.

i just wish the story was a bit longer, oh well. its nice anyways.

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i also couldn't trade fat or muscle, with it saying Nan. yeah, i broke the game. great updates though, especially the ability to stuff yourself. soo helpful instead of spamming hundreds of dumpster loads.

oh no! the debt collector doesn't accept my infinite money! ($infinity) LOL! I think i just beat the game. where i was so rich, muscly and everything the universe collapsed. i can't believe i broke it. lol.

hey, no need to rush or pressure either, we can be patient so no need to stress yourself out with stuffs here or whatever. after all, your health comes first so take breaks and so on to not burn yourself out and such. anyways, take care of yourself and good luck with all of that as well.

just a question but will we be able to access a paid-for version here in the future, to support the devs and such? even if this dormant version isn't being updated, it would be nice i reckon to buy a few copies. damn patreon doesn't work for me so i just buy games here sadly. already got quite a few copies of games here so i'd be willing to support the idea anyways. just an idea anyways.

i guess we can only hope the game will be safe from malware and such. its likely the devs will make sure of that but good to point that out! we may need to spread the word to other game devs as well as a heads up... lets just hope all of the developers using unity or whatever else don't fall prey to malware of any sort.

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i wish i could say but for now, its probs best to assume its on a hiatus... essentially, not dead but dormant. 

all we can do is try to be patient and wait for now sadly. i can only guess but we may get an update around late september or later on in october...

CC is likely still on his radar but i do believe he has other projects as of recently with being just released recently and maybe a few more things to come. we'll just have to wait and see i guess.

Eh, not bad, but i prefer we aint fishing more. Still, good job on it anyways.

all i can say is that its pretty likely but it may take awhile sadly, we will just need to be patient i guess and wait for a progress report or something.

i think so. while we have no confirmed update times here, on, i can say we should get a progress post around late june to july. though, it may take longer than that for the actual next update... so it isn't released as a mess anyways. thats all i can say sadly, we'll just have to wait and see.

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i'm a little curious on an idea, do you think we might encounter any symbiotic creatures in an future update. there seems to be an array of parasitic or at least, mutualistic creatures but i am wondering if we will get to encounter any symbiotic creatures that can infest/infect us but benefit us in our overall endeavour of devious intentions

and uh, not seem as dangerous to allow thy giant bugs into our... extremities. lol.

although i do like the bugs and such, its just a side idea anyways, some food for thought!

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i wish, joiplay is really faulty, can't run anything even with the extensions and setup stuffs sadly. if you know how to setup this game to work with joiplay, i'd be interested and impressed.

anyways, we can only hope for an android port, as unlikely as it is.

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update looks good. time to try it out and edit this post later after giving it a good run

edit: the game overall plays beautifully. especially on android devices. the U.I can be a little small for android devices but the buttons work fine.

the game is interesting but a bit tough to understand at first. the stamina displayed can be a bit awkward to find at first. its neat but i reckon a dedicated, easy to see, bar at the top of the screen to show how much you got would help. it would also make it more recognisable for new players and would also help fill in some of the blank space on the screen too rather than the small icons above your character.

some of the UI numbers can be a tad hard to read, but it looks good anyways. i can understand whats what, its just hard to read the numbers exactly on android devices.

it feels kind of awkward on how to go about each fight. it might be better to reset all of your stats to default after each battle but make the battles more challenging as you go to make a nicer flow of difficulty rather than needing to recover during an already chaotic situation of each fight or needing to hope with RNG to reach a campfire. its not hard per-say but it really leaves it all to randomness currently sadly. i've gotten quite a few game overs early on due to this.

some ideas/things for later anyways

a way to go back to the start after a game over would be nice. i couldn't find any way to fix that so i had to close the app. with the android version anyways, will have to try on PC

the ability to go back to stores to spend your money that you earn rather than each store closing after you use it.

maybe an options menu for the music and maybe other features.

a dedicated male/male female/female mode and a classic mode, like what the game is currently would be a great addition, much later on after a few updates or so, so we can get well, a more tailored experience as well as the classic version for whatever we feel like... as a funky idea anyways. if it can't be made into a mode then a paid-for copy of the game with those specific ideas would be a good way to make a bit of money and be kinda nice at the same time! 

me personally, i prefer male/male but i do like how the game is anyways.

so far, so good, keep up the good work on it, its a good start to a new, good  game!

i absolutely love it. i just wish i could buy a copy or two here. 

if you make a paid for version of this game, here, for, i'm buying a few copies!

sorry... i hate patreon, damn website is really buggy and wont let me donate to projects or others there so i buy copies of games here to support people here. you get a payment system going here and i'd donate every once in awhile here.

its likely they may try. we'll have to wait and see... and probably hope a bit too. 


i do have to ask about commissioning sex scenes. 

how does that work anyways and how do you go about that? 

how much would it cost too.

are there any open slots left or are all of them taken?

sorry for the mass of questions. just curious on it.

good little game, just needs some more content but it seems ok at the moment. the art pack/gallery is a nice touch too.

i would like to see how this small project progresses along here.

i am just guessing but i'd say by the end of july. maybe sooner, maybe later. we'll need to wait for a proper confirmation although.

aaaaannnnddd! in the next sequel... it shalt be 'Date A Skink!' get it, skink rhymes with mink...

just a joke... i'll see myself out...