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Animal Crossing 2 community · Created a new topic hubol

hi! I LIKE U! I have been following u for a few years and i love ur game "2"!!

i would love for this game to do a healthy outlook on relationships, maybe only get action after a nice date.

my highscore is 51!

i really like this! Only i dont know what the husk roll is for??

i really want to try your game! it looks super cool!

the only problem is that on my mac it says this game is outdated- and since im not a tech person i cant do anything abt it. is there a newer version out?

it was fun! would love to play more :)

this game needs its own yt animation memes

Im so happy im not the only one. I made a game in time, it wasnt that good since it was my first, and it was stupid, but i was still kinda proud of my work. 

Something happened, i guess, cause i couldnt save the progress and it got deleted. Ive felt guilty ever since about not submitting :P

Do yourself a favor and watch that movie some weekend. Its amazing, judging by your game youll love it :) 

cool game!

If you dont mind me askin, is this inspired by the movie Ginga-tetsudô no yoru? I got strong vibes. Amazing work!

wont run. i opened the zip file but when i open it up it says its now installed.

cant open,, but it looks fun

im having some troubles playing. is an USB mouse reccomended for PC or something?