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yes, Its a voice line that's on yt voiced by him

the 2nd part is by my friend @QuincyTDf

why do you wanna know?

b r u h

because that was the mod version of the original zachs basics in quik mafs and modding

limon, it says android, stop saying its pc only when it says android too, so maybe you should edit the page and get rid of that

bro your brothers names are epic


and don't lie to us limon, we know you want to get a quick buck out of this

I bet your gonna make the full release paid tho

yeah ._.

why are you talking about donating in this, your not really making anything "original" your just modding decompiles, if maybe you made your own decompile it would be pretty nice

don't yell please ;-;

stop putting pressure on poor lucas, its like once he draws one thing you force him to draw another

talkles is just talkery with wheels and a different name

bruh, what I am saying is you are copying talkery

okay, guess its a coincidence that your talkles character looks a lot like

but could you stop stealing peoples characters and ideas for your own thing

when the description said "WgfufqfngqfnIVQFIf" I really felt that

I am saying he is basically ripping off a character that does not belong to him and not give credit, I don't care if the names are different, its still ripping it off and he is not giving credit what so ever

don't you mean talkery, that character made by mango mountain on fandom whos character does not belong to you

I always get these things all the time, I didn't try copying le billy, I know the names are similar but I just wanted to make a mod for my billy, the red haired dood

if you need more info read this:

j u s t   d o n t   p I r a t e   I t

*confusion 100*

I honestly don't know why I am giving any fucks about this dood

(1 edit)

excuse me mr Xgames9000, but whats the point in saying all of these on THE PROJECTS ARE ON MEDIAFIRE

either you don't know how to post projects here

or you are trying to get more attention by linking ur mod to too

10/10 read all of this

I couldn't use my mic to speak and I didn't know of a fitting thing for him so I used jerkface text to speech (johnny old boi's voice) for him

thank you

you need jessu

oooo, very scary