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thank you!!!

hello, can i translate your game into Russian?

hello! can i translate your RPG game into Russian?

so, have you successfully launched the game?

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if these solutions don't help you, download only the files i translated and replace them in the folder of the original game.

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try reinstalling the engine, RTP, or renaming the game folder. it is said about them on the Internet. i don't see any other way out of the situation.

oh... here's the download link of the version with the decrypted files. i have no problem with launching it.

and i will look forward to your next games! it was a pleasure to talk to you.

i translated your game! here's the download link: exe

moreover, i found several bugs. уou can pass through several objects, and a couple of pictures do not fit completely into the game window, or they are slightly displaced.

thank you very much!

Lost Me- community · Created a new topic translate

hello there! i really love gameplay of your game. can i translate it into russian???

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thank you! <3

hi! i really liked playing your game, and after beating it, i wanted to translate it into russian. is it possible?

yes, and thank you, too!

here you go: game

hi again! i translated your game
should i send you a download link?

um, i downloaded the game today and decided to check if it can be opened on the engine. however, i noticed that there is no way to open the engine, so i am asking you, could you send me the unpacked game files?

thank you for the answer!

i wish you success in it!

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oh, okay, thank you for the permission

yes, i'm writing you about the translation of the game

hi! how can i contact you?

hey! :) can i translate your game into russian? pleeaaase

thank you, really!

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that's it, i just finished the translation and here's a link to the translated game: Проклятие ёкая

okay, thank you!

oh, okay, that's good!


I was interested in the topic of your game

can I translate it into Russian?


i like your game

can i translate it into russian? please

how wonderful that you did this for me
thank you

Are you too busy? I still haven't received a friend request from you.

Yes, of course I have. bizDICK#4722. Write to me and I will answer.

Yes, I saw the game page. I like the game. But, as I said, I need to be given time to sort out with another project.

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Sure. But since I had busy days at work, I was slowly translating the previous game. As soon as I'm done with it, I can start translating yours.

Sure. I already sent a friend request to you there. And thank you for letting me translate your game.

Hello. I like the chosen colors in the game and the main character. Can I translate this game into Russian?

Hello. Can I translate your game into Russian?

As I promised you, I attach a link to the translation of the game: