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Bizarre Monkey

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So some of you who may have been crawling like snails should now be able to achieve 60fps, there was a really dumb thing I was doing and thanks to one of my followers and my own idea together we found a way to make the game from unplayable to capped fps.

Reply to this thread if you spot any bugs, I'll keep them in a sticky note for Final Mix, whenever it happens.

Created a new topic Maintosh Build Added

Sorry if it's buggy or such, there's no way i can test due to not having access to a macintosh computer.

Created a new topic Download Link fixed!

Apologies about all that, I just checked and even with adblocker and firefox's popup protection all works, so you should be fine.

Apparently linking from google drive wasn't as smart of an idea as I thought it was going to be, so I'm just uploading the game archive to the itch.io servers.

Woopsie! Should have tested these sorts of things before i went spreading the link to this page everywhere, but too late to go and worry now, I'll have a new download for Windows ready lickety-split.


A few days late, oops! But the wait is over, you can now play for free the 6+ hour long cinematic shooter epic about cats with guns, eldritch pig monsters and demonic girls and revolution!

Me and my team have been working incredibly hard and fast to bring this overly ambitious project out to the world, we've delayed a few times and are really, really sorry about that! We just had no idea this project would become so large, but we're glad to say, my perfectionism and all-- that it's finally ready for you to ogle up and enjoy!

Features include but are not limited to:
-7 acts of hyper intense beautifully woven content.
-Over 20 Highly epic bossfights that will test you and your current weapons.
-10 Weapons each with different behaviours when fired while moving or standing still.
-6 Power ups you can collect and use to your advantage.
-An immersive atmospheric charming world and outrageously endearing characters that feel real. Also for more immersion you can press f4 to go full screen.
-A bunch of Puzzles and chase events, too!
-and so much more!

The game takes large inspiration from a mix of Ratchet and Clank, Oddworld, V for Vendetta and LackadaisyCats. There are other inspirations too, but those are the big ones that come to mind!

Without further ado, feel free to go visit the game's page if you're interested!

Glad you like it! The full game is on the backburner currently as I and my team work on four other massive projects, but once they are done it's very possible I'll return to this.

i did some Trixie art, figured i'd show it since I've never had a chance to draw the character myself 'til now

Thanks a bunch, my righteous dude! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the spotlight. :D

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It's perfectly fine, and i can tell you did enjoy it, hell if you tried 6 times and still ended up recording it that says more than enough, lmao!

The game doesn't take itself very seriously, either. I mean it was made in a week and more or less as a joke, but then i liked it enough to release it.

Also your snarky sense of humour is the sort of thing I dig, and you had me giggling a lot while watching the video, it did make me see that the game was flawed in its ways, but thats half the fun of seeing someone else play it. You also spotted some inconsistencies that I don't, like Trixie stating we spoke once before after previously saying they'd never talked. That can be fixed in the future.

I should stop breaking people's perception of reality with cheesy dialogue and week long development cycles.

I'm going to end up driving someone insane.

Thanks so much Whit, absolutely loved the video review, and I was not expecting it at all, you made my easter sunday even more awesome!

As for Tristy, she grows a little as the game progresses, but it is natural to hate her at first, she's near morally bankrupt, and Valin is as Kyoshi says later, one of the only creatures in existence who would be crazy enough to admire her. Nikki tends to be good at making fun of her though.

As for the reason why there's three identical weapons, they just have different attack animations in battle, this was initially released when MV was really new and I wanted to try out a bit of everything!

Also, wicked makes enemies take more damage from holy damage, while hallowed does the inverse. It also does 1% of HP in damage each turn, which isn't a huge amount, but it helps a ton against tanky bosses, especially since you'd be using those abilities anyway.

Being able to walk on the ceiling and walls is definitely a bug. But it's almost tempting to keep it in because seeing people react to it is more fun than being a hardass about it, maybe I'll make a climb the walls minigame, lel.

Also now that you've pointed it out I'm gonna make that creepy doll a boss later. You're welcome!

Thanks for the info! Once I consider working seriously on PFC again I'll definitely grab this up.

So from what I can tell, this is an addon / editor gui addition to GameMakerStudio?

If you manage to integrate an easy way to add busts for dialogue, it's probable I'll use this for PFC.


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Depends largely on what you mean. Due to being in browser but having to load the resources on Demand it may have a little bit of warm up on low internet speeds. Once it's loaded any one thing once it will load instantly with every following instance of it, though.

If it's chugging, that could be due to a multitude of factors, it runs smoothly for me.