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While someone replies, I just found this answer on reddit (r/gamemaker):

Hi, the jam page says it starts on June 17th, but the theme is already published... is that right? Does that mean we can start working already?

Also, is there a specific Discord channel for the jam? The Opera GX Discord server has tons of channels, but can't find a specific one for the jam.


Thanks for playing and for your kind comments!

Cute game, entertaining. I find the jumps/gravity a bit floaty. I think there's a bug with the leaderboard, or I need to go to the doctor, or someone else used my name, because I sure as hell did not reach 269!

Cool idea!  I like the mechanic and the pace. I felt the dash mechanic was slow, which is a bit contradictory in its own, I think you need to make it faster and then add a cooldown so people do not just smash the key to win.

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Great game! I liked the idea. I felt the ramp up in difficulty was not as steep and needs to be tweaked, and I also agree with other comments in the sense that you can add more stuff to keep the players engaged (I ended up quitting but didn't lose).

Nice idea and wonderful graphics (the face expressions are cool). I had a bit of trouble getting the box to move, especially because the game in fullscreen seemed to ignore my mouse drag command. I did not try f11 to fullscreen. 

Cool different game, nice idea. The wolf is goddamn fast! It ate many of my sheep :( Nice job with ths game.

I agree with previous comments, the perspective makes it very hard to play. Also the jump is a little bit bugged, you can get stuck to the edge of the blue platforms.

Really cool idea and fun to play. I think the overall polish of the game can be improved, but you have a very nice concept to work on. I couldn't beat 1000 score despite many tries...

Hi, the idea and drawings are very nice and a nice overall game. I feel the game is a bit slow, I would like it better if the physics/mechanics were faster.

Great great game, my favorite so far. Very simple and yet very polished. The only thing I would change is making a small/short die animation or transition, it feels weird that the high score instantly pops up. How on Earth did people manage to get those scores!?!

Thanks for playing it :)

Thanks so much for playing and for your feedback! I agree, I've thought about zoom in-out, just didn't have time to really think when/how/how much in order to implement it. 

Thanks so much Amigo121!

Thanks so much for your kind comments!

Thanks for your kind comments and very glad you liked it! I agree that the green lightning speed is too fast. :)

I really liked it, its fun to play.

Good job, I liked the game. The controls feel a bit weird, I think you can improve the mapping.

It's fun to play it. Congrats. I feel it's a tad simple (maybe you can add some more things in the future).

I liked the mechanics a lot. Good job! SImple aesthetics and sound, I think you can improve them.

ROFL with this game!!! What a creative way of interpreting the theme. Also fun. Obviously aesthetics are not especially beautiful, but it is to be expected given the approach. Nice take!

Good job on this game, and getting/using the external art. It sometimes feel a little bit slow but other than that it's fun.

Fun game, congratulations! I definitely think enhanced visuals/polish would definitely prepare this for a more formal casual game.

Thanks for playing it!

I love the game. Congratulations, it's very good. I would like the length/typing difficulty to ramp up rather than being totally random (is it?). Good job

A fun concept. I think it is too simple (albeit a bit hard!) and lacks a leaderboard and has some issues with movement (e.g. you can steer the ball even after it has exited the track). I think you can keep working on it and make it much better.

Solid concept, fun to play. I also like the animations. One thing, I was able to cross the wall on the left, so maybe that's something to fix. 

Thanks for your comments and playing the game!

Thanks for playing it and for the rating :) Glad you enjoyed it. I agree about the speed, I regularly fall into the "developer's difficulty" trap. I didn't have time for people to playtest it, that would have been useful to tweak the default speed/steer sensitivity. I did include settings for lowering the accel/decel/steer sensitivity, did you have a chance to play with the "SLOW" setting?

Hehe thanks regarding the pun :D

@MountainWolves Thanks for playing it and rating :) I'll play/rate yours as well. Cheers!

Thanks for playing it :)  I tested the HTML5 build and it runs fine (you can remap etc.) but embed is a bit wonky (two times already it seemed like the keyboard wasn't responding). There's also the HTML5 build hosted on my server. I think I will just delete the embedded HTML5 on and leave the link for my server.

Anyway thanks for trying the Windows version! hope you can reach the leaderboard :)

Thanks a lot for your comments!

Thanks for your kind comments and feedback! I will definitely explore some of those additional mechanics to make it a little bit deeper, although as I started earlier I do not want it to be very complex.

Is it to much to ask if you can send me a GIF/video of the HTML5 issue you encountered, as well as your OS/browser data?

Thanks a lot.

Great concept and great job! I was in the Secret Santa Jam as well, so it was a nice surprise (although the person to whom I made the game, never showed up, and I didn't receive my gift either). But I digress... I really like the idea of the game, I think it can be expanded upon and improved. Maybe adding time would be a great addition! Thanks and kudos!

Great concept and great job! I was in the Secret Santa Jam as well, so it was a nice surprise (although the person to whom I made the game, never showed up, and I didn't receive my gift either). But I digress... I really like the idea of the game, I think it can be expanded upon and improved. Maybe adding time would be a great addition! Thanks and kudos!

Good ideas generally. You will need to work a lot on polishing the mechanics if you want this game to be better and even think about releasing it: the platformer mechanics, collisions, etc. need more work. Don't despair and keep improving, that's the most important thing!

Very good prototype. I think if you keep developing this one, it will be really good. I feel the controls a little bit slugish and agree with comment below regarding immersion (this kind of game needs to exclude any hints that take away from the experience), and audio can be improved, but that's it. Congrats!

I loved this. Amazing concept, beautiful aesthetic and ideas.  Obviously it's more a concept than a game I would see been released, but great nonetheless. I feel the platformer mechanics are a little on the slow side for me. Also maybe zoom out on the parts where you need to fall down with a platform in order for the player to know there is something else there. Good job,

Congrats, this is amazing. I loved the idea, the way the story is told on each level, the Bach (?) music is fantastic and adds to the atmosphere, the puzzles are great! I would just suggest to improve the menus (it was confusing at first since mouse does nothing, only keys) and minor improvements (in my opinion, get rid of screen shake when you cut a segment, and be a little bit more subtle with the text effects - using Scribble?). Overall the most fun I've had in this jam-like thing. Kudos,