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We've fully implemented the fix in the latest build of Peace Engine which will be packaged with tonight's weekly release. Here's a sneak-peak. :) 

Good news :)

We've figured out a decent solution to the problem. I'm running it by the other devs on the team to get their approval. If all goes well we should have a new build out tomorrow with the enhancement. - Alkaline

Hey there! :)

Yes, we are quite aware of this issue and we've been working on it for over a month now. The reason you haven't seen a fix for it is because although we have solved the issue in the development environment, the way we solved it was causing more bugs than it was worth. We need to come up with a better solution to the issue and implement it at a lower level in the Peace Engine than what we did in the previous unseen fix. This is out of our hands at the moment as we work on the new Peacenet Backend Protocol to improve performance and security in areas such as multiplayer server communication and the stuff that helps the game actually be a functioning game.

I won't get into the specific details - that's stuff that only really needs to exist in our game design document and in Peace Engine's documentation after we actually fix the bug. But I can assure you that if you continue to be patient with us, we PROMISE we will come up with a solution that doesn't involve you buying a new monitor. That's on our todo list for before the game hits alpha.

Thank you for sticking with us despite how awful the game's been running for ya. That really means a lot to us and especially me personally. Keep letting us know if you have any more issues with the game. - Alkaline

Hey there - we had a look at this bug and we've patched it in April 2018 Week 3 Patch 1. This bug is caused by the Peace Engine CPU usage counter, and is caused when you don't have administrative privileges on your system and cannot access the Windows registry to get information on system performance. It is a cryptic error, but that's what causes it.

I'll have a look tonight. Busy with a massive provincial literacy test so I can't debug right now.

Thank you :)

Oh dear, the "school computer" screams a different kind of error. I tried it today on my school laptop (Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, integrated graphics) and the engine loaded modules then immediately crashed.

This might in fact be the same issue that jtsshieh on the Discord was facing.

I had a look at the log and everything looks perfectly fine to me. The "Something went wrong while loading <file> but it's probably OK" error is not actually an error, par say, but rather a warning. ReflectMan tried to load a native library (one compiled using C/C++) which doesn't have a .NET Framework assembly manifest, so it tries to load, gets thrown an error from the CLR, catches it and skips loading type information from the library (and in case it WAS a .NET library that failed, it prints the error it got to the console.)

However none of the warnings that ReflectMan kicked out seem to suggest an issue loading a .NET module. In fact, your game tries to boot up (you mentioned it played music for a split second?) after loading all engine modules successfully so I can eliminate a faulty module from the list of possible issues as well.

Could you try running the game inside a Visual Studio debugger and post any errors it kicks back?

 - Alkaline