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I will add saving functionality soon. It's a bit problematic right now because just about every new update will break the save games you have but it is coming.

Hi I must have missed it :| , you shouldn't need to do anything just have one person be a farmer and they will automatically tend to the crops when the health goes below 75%.  

Btw, I'm going to release a new update soon that will change all the jobs, you will just have a worker and skilled worker and they will pretty much take care of all the basic tasks. Also production will be working much better.  Here's a preview https://www.reddit.com/r/RulersQuest/comments/8vqaud/new_production_controls_pre...

It is available for windows, I also just released an update so check it out.

Hi, this was a bug and it should be fixed now.

You sure did, will add it to the list. Thanks!

I'm thinking it's probably related to food. I'm adding a history window so you will be able to see the cause of death and some other events that happen in the game.  That should help figure out what is going on.

Thanks for the quick feedback, I'm gonna work on more fixes soon.  Are you saying people are warm and food is at 100% and they still die? I have not seen that happen. 

Your people should do that for you.  There could be some bugs i'm going to upload a new update that fixes a lot of issues shortly. 

Map control buttons will come with the minimap.  I have it further down the todo list but can bump it up.

Right, warm-up is high priority so everyone just tries to warm themselves up with nobody to add wood to the fire, so it's a kind of a deadlock situation.  It's actually meant for people to congregate around heat sources.  Deliveries are in general lower priority but this is a special case.

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I'm aware of the whole trapped by construction problem and I'm working on a fix.  A "teardown" work task is also on my list.
Crops should create harvest tasks automatically when they are ready.  When did you plant the wheat?
You should be able to reuse the same area for planting again so that's probably a bug.

Thanks for reporting the issues in detail!  I'll try to replicate and fix whatever I can for next update.

Currently you have to have the walls and doors in place completely enclosing the interior before you can place floors.  I might change how that works in future releases.

Hey, sorry for late reply, I'm not planning on making a mobile version at least not in the foreseeable future it's just too limiting.  Same with web once the game is in a more stable state i might experiment with other platforms. 

Ok please try now,  I missed the "windows" checkbox when I uploaded the new version.

Welcome back, it works on windows 10 let me know if you have any issues.

You need to assign them jobs then build things. I will make a tutorial at some point.

The download is for windows, what OS are you on?