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Very clean tool.  Some words: it is my belief that the implementation of item nesting would greatly improve the ability of the user to keep track of more complex projects (or to more thoroughly monitor simple ones, for those more comfortable operating in this fashion) using it, though another commenter has already touched on this, so I'll move on; have you considered allowing users to customize state flow (i.e., assuming I desire that the state of each task within a particular collection cycle from unstarted [or null] through a series of self-defined values—as opposed to the standard progression—have you meditated upon whether or not to place a means of instituting this at my [or any other consumer's] disposal)?  I feel that this would render the application simpler to manage for individuals who perhaps may not be working in a strictly professional manner or who are working on projects which would necessitate an adjusted workflow and would otherwise be required to mentally designate alternate, more applicable state names in lieu of the existing five.