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Hi, I have refunded your donation.Thank you for donating and sorry for the inconvenience.I will reupload the game and send you a message when you can download it

This is an awesome little game,love the concept and I cant wait to see what you do with it

Where can I donate ?

Its always nice to see your game being played by a youtuber. I am a bit embarrassed to be honest, I have made a lot of games and not all of them are good.Its cluttered with bugs and just not that good but it is a fan game,this is why I wont delete it.This game was made in a gamejam and I had 72 hours to do it.I originally missed my deadline because I could not upload the game in time, so I never got any recognition for it so its great to see it on youtube!Thank you for taking the time to play it and to upload a video on it.Your support means a lot to me and I will return the favor by subscribing to your channel and checking out some of your vids.

Thank you for playing our game OthmaneGaming. I hope you had fun recording it and I apologize for not having full controller support.This game was made for a Gamejam meaning it was made in 72 hours.Thank you for the support, My team will return the favor by subbing to your channel

fantastic game,dont stop it with the gamejam,it really is a great concept keep developing it

Next time I will submit in time

I couldn't get my game packaged in time had to do a reinstall on Unreal Engine and then repackaged everything.I am about to upload it I know I missed the deadline but im going to upload it anyway and just add #survivethejam to it.Check it out if you have a chance.I ran out of time so I did not have a chance to do player models yet

I'm joining this one late but will try my best to get something good out there :)

Jamingtons community · Created a new topic Missed it !!
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Oh no I missed the deadline,Had my dates mixed up thought it was only happening today :( Had an idea for an IO game that I wanted to make... I will join the next one, the games look awesome well done everyone!!!