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Bitesized Development

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This is an awesome little game,love the concept and I cant wait to see what you do with it

Where can I donate ?

fantastic game,dont stop it with the gamejam,it really is a great concept keep developing it

Next time I will submit in time

I couldn't get my game packaged in time had to do a reinstall on Unreal Engine and then repackaged everything.I am about to upload it I know I missed the deadline but im going to upload it anyway and just add #survivethejam to it.Check it out if you have a chance.I ran out of time so I did not have a chance to do player models yet

I'm joining this one late but will try my best to get something good out there :)

Jamingtons community · Created a new topic Missed it !!
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Oh no I missed the deadline,Had my dates mixed up thought it was only happening today :( Had an idea for an IO game that I wanted to make... I will join the next one, the games look awesome well done everyone!!!