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I'm a very simple person, I see Michael Jackson, I click

Will there be a way to romance the male bandit? That seems like it would be fun

Just replayed Shoichi's route and I can't wait to see more of it, and the other two too!

Yuu said he wants to make him feel better after Sho went home crying and that wording is usually a hook for sex

The last Shoichi update... is NSFW content coming??

I adore this game! Can't wait to see more of this :)

You're an actual god omg this is so good

This vn looks so cool! I can't wait to play it


I play this game over and over again it's one of the best ones out there! Which route are you working on at the moment?


One of my favourite games right now. I absolutely love all the routes but am keen on Shoichi's route. Are you going to have them kiss or do something because I'd be screaming

Oh. I'll try reinstalling

It only lets me play until I reach approx. 8500 lines (out of 50000+). Am I stupid and it just isn't finished?

Will people who haven't backed the game while it's being developed be able to download (buy) it? I'm not able to help at the moment (because I don't have a credit card yet) but would still like to play the full game when it comes out