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Put it in a folder with all of the music you should have gotten from main game.

That's not a gamemaker error, so that's a problem in your end.

No. What it does is track the nearest enemy to you, and every second, you take 1 damage. This time is extended with his Throne Butt.

Normal's Throne Butt causes his right click to occasionally give you a pickup, Gator's passive puts exclamation marks above enemy's heads to alert you of where they are, and Hunter's active gives whatever your weapon is double damage.

No. Because of porting to GM:S, the Gamepad functionality is broken, and, well, I have no clue how to code gamepad support.

None do. Update 19 didn't have Ultras yet.

I'd rather not get in legal trouble with Vlambeer.

What is the error?

I don't know what you're asking help for.

There isn't one.

I'm actually going to try to use Resource Hacker next update to save me the hassle of the icon. Thanks for the offer, though! Means a lot.

I'd literally be breaking a rule that Vlambeer had set when saying we could make a mod and distribute it.

Well, I don't HAVE a friend with a full version of Gamemaker:Studio, and, if I want to export to Gamemaker:Studio I'd need one hundred dollars. So, the only way that I'd be able to do that is through donations, and I'm not sure if anyone's gonna donate to this mod, or if that's even legal.

If you scroll down and look at the other comments, you get your answer.

Sorry, because of how Gamemaker 8.1 works, we can't export to Mac or Linux.

Yep! I'm working on adding portraits, 2 new characters, among other things.