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Looks great and I guess really rare

Stage 3 baby

I have played this game for and since ages and I can do it no damage no effort very fun 

Yeah same I would really like to know what happened

Nice game,I love it, plus is it me or does dracula look like moistcritikal?

This is amazing thank you

This is really fun

This game is very creepy,good mechanics though

Very good very nice,thank you.

2nd playthrough,Its all about trial and error,so once you have done it once it will be much easier the second time,so don't give up!

I will give up my email or discord to know how

running is the only option,I've tried killing him,it doesn't work 

Very cool and fun and I'm so glad it got an update

very fun and good!

This game broke me,fun at the start then became a finicky,pixel perfect,frustrating platformer,the mechanics and the art style and charisma of the game though are very good.

The last level was so difficult but when I pulled it off it was rewarding,you have to be pixel perfect.Good game

I thought the bombs were thunder thanks for the clarification and cool story!

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That would be so cool I’ll check it out!

(I did it)

Really good design and music,platforming was fun, (thought there were issues with the skull sending me flying) and lots of enemies but over all very good game!

Love it everything is fluid,fast and very fun great game!

Good I like it really fun to play

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Great game but level 30 (at least for me was a nightmare) because I just couldn't shoot the bullet and launch of the trampoline and land on it.  (I did finish it,really great game.)

what the fu....

great game

Wonderful game,I love it,more content would be great. :)

Welcome :)

You can do what ever you want and whatever makes you happy,I really like this project but if you don't want to do it then don't do it its your choice and I will support it don't feel pressured to fix stuff for my sake do what you want to do,I really like this game and i'm happy with what it is now so don't feel as if you have to focus on this thanks!

Pls explain the ending. (good game).

Can you please make the trench coat guy appear at a later time because when I get to floor two I just never have enough time to find the key and boss and he just kills me 

please make a tutorial


If you add more content I think this can become really great! (its good already just needs more content)

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The writing is so dam funny it looked so serious at the start 

I forgot to say after I played this game, it is a funny concept and its fun to play even if its really short I still love it well done.

Really fun and wonderful sound track  great game

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great game   I have finished it multiple times and I have to say,hard but fair and good.

well done I like the art style nice track and overall very good lots of variety and makes me want to play more.   :)


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Amazing,great everything,but would it be possible to reset the map after some time in a match because it gets a bit harder to play when most of the map is destroyed but thats mostly a nickpick,but anyway all the mechanics are great and its really easy to pick up and play,this is a masterpiece.Well done.     p.s. could you make the scroll wheel select weapons?