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Bingo Jerry

A member registered Feb 12, 2020

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always mono my friend, thankyou, I appreciate your hard work!

big fan of nimble kick, just downloaded MAC os version 1.1.0,  mainly a Logic X user and every time I apply the punch reverb effect it causes logic to crash. It is a paid for version of the DAW, not cracked. Whats up?

the issue in question: I've installed nimble kick, upon opening logic, it usually scans for new plug-ins. This one doesn't load. I open the plug-in manager and no matter how many times I re-scan it can not open. There was a family thread with another logic user, and you answered him saying it's been fixed in the 10.3. thanks for your help and response

Saw the thread about another logic users difficulties. When will 10.3 be available for logic users?